YMZZ Mini Hydraulic Aerobic Fitness Stepper [2022 Edition ]

The YMZZ Mini Hydraulic Aerobic Fitness Stepper with Resistance Ropes is the perfect lower body cardio workout and is ideal for improving your fitness level and endurance.

Get a good workout without leaving home with this premium stepper from YMZZ Mini Hydraulic Aerobic Fitness Stepper.

We all know getting in shape is a big deal that shouldn’t require extra effort, and that’s why we bring you this amazing hydraulic stepper with which you can even get in shape while watching TV.

Description of  YMZZ Mini Hydraulic Aerobic Fitness Stepper

The most recent 2020 update has been upgraded. The YMZZ Mini Hydraulic Aerobic Fitness Stepper is a 2-in-1 under-desk and stand-up cardio machine with a V-belt drive and a 12 lb. flywheel for a routine total body low-impact cardiovascular exercise at home, in the office, or anywhere you see fit.

It comes in two color options: dull black and glossy black, with a slight price differential between them.

It can be used in both sitting and standing positions, but you must first adjust the elliptical’s orientation before sitting on it.

It has an integrated LCD monitor and adjustable resistance to various degrees of difficulty.

On the day this page was published, 14 users gave it a 4.7 out of 5 star ranking, showing a high level of satisfaction. It is delivered easily by Amazon within 3 to 5 days.

When working or training at your desk, this YMZZ Mini Hydraulic Aerobic Fitness Stepper  can be used in an under-desk or stand-up style.

To hit slightly different muscles, you can pedal in both forward and reverse positions in both sitting and standing modes.

Overall, thanks to the proprietary ergonomic style, you’ll be able to experience a smooth low-impact workout that won’t put any strain on your knees or joints.

It allows you to stroll, jog, or run while providing all the advantages of a treadmill or a bike with much less effect.

Unlike most elliptical devices, the friction knob in the middle allows you to choose from an infinite number of resistance settings.

You should start out at any difficulty, depending on what you’re capable of at the moment or the objectives.

This may be for rehabilitation, physical therapy, calorie burning, or just warming up during a weight (resistance) workout session.

The sophisticated built-in LCD dashboard displays your fitness metrics, including distance travelled, time exercised, calories burned, current pace, and a scan that alternates between each of these every 9 seconds.

Thanks to the V-belt drive and the 12 lb. magnetic precision stabilized flywheel, it operates effortlessly and softly.

The 14-inch large pedals are suitable for both small and large feet. Because of the low noise level, you will concentrate on your job or watch a movie without distracting your family or neighbours.

It has a robust, stable, and long-lasting tubular steel structure on a massive foundation. A total user weight capability of 250 pounds is stated.

You will receive it mainly (95%) pre-assembled, with just the 8 screws on the product body attached. It takes about ten minutes to put together.

It can be used when sitting at your office desk, reading a book, surfing the internet, or watching movies.

This way, you’ll save time by not devoting additional time to exercising, plus you won’t have to pay for pricey gym memberships.

The YMZZ Mini Hydraulic Aerobic Fitness Stepper  Features28.5 x 18 x 13 inches and a practical top handle make it more flexible, lightweight, and portable than regular elliptical machines, with a compact ergonomic build and just 32 lb. of weight. It also has a lot of features than steppers with identical designs.

On your bare feet, the pattern on the big 14′′ pedals can feel like massage, and you can do it on any style foot. It can be used both indoors and outside, as long as it is not open to moisture.

During the workout, the pedal height ranges between 4.72′′ (lowest) and 7.08′′ (highest).

It also has a 13.8-inch step pitch, which makes taking steps much faster. The Ancheer Mini Elliptical, a frame, a rear stabilizer, installation hardware, and a user manual are all included in the package.

For the LCD display screen, you’ll need a 1.5V battery, which you can insert from the side. It comes with a year’s worth of warranty, as well as free replacement parts.

Improve your overall fitness from the comfort of your home , with this YMZZ Mini Hydraulic Aerobic Fitness Stepper .

Ideal for a lower body cardio workout, this mini stepper includes resistance training ropes, which will work the shoulders, chest, back and arms.

Featuring an LCD screen that shows you calories burned, time, and strides per minute, you can track your progress.

Ideal to use in front of the television , this exercise stepper will help you improve your endurance and lose weight .

Use the resistance ropes provided to exercise your shoulders, chest, back, and arms.

Track your progress by viewing calories burned, time, and strides per minute on the LCD screen.

This mini fitness machine is very convenient to use in the comfort of your home.


Benefits :

Made of sturdy steel with 2 textured non-slip soles with hydraulic jacks.


The tension knob will change the height of the pedal from 10 to 38 cm and the swing amplitude from 15 to 25 cm.

Visible electronic display shows number of steps, calories burned and elapsed time
Two free training ropes for weapons training.

 Comes with installation accessories.
Comes with a groundsheet to protect your floor from wear and tear.

Characteristics :

Two independent hydraulic cylinders
LCD display: total time, training time, calories burned, strides per minute, scan function
Non-slip pedals
Multidirectional steps: top to bottom and right to left
Training ropes for simultaneous training of the lower and upper body
Maximum user weight: 120 kg
Accessories included:
Small carpet
Lubricating oil and tools

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