Work Out Your Cardio With A Stepper

The stepper is one of the many devices that allow you to work your cardio optimally. But still, it is necessary to follow some small elementary advices that we will give you in the rest of this article.


Know your stepper and your body

One of the advantages of the stepper is that you can work on your cardio from home, but if you start, you have to do it slowly, and thus, get to know your machine well. No need to want to start too strong.Rather, it will initially be necessary to try to favor a minimum resistance, and a large working amplitude.

Later, you can increase the resistance, and thus, work more deeply on your cardio (and your muscles!). Don’t try to go faster than necessary. Usually all steppers have a device with many functions. Read the instructions carefully to understand what you can do with your stepper. Using your stepper well is essential in order to get the best out of your cardio.

Also find the right position . It is essential to perform the exercises by adopting a perfect position, in order to better perform the exercises without the risk of hurting yourself.


Tips for an optimal position

  • Your feet are always flat
  • Press down firmly on the pedals when exercising
  • The back should always stay straight
  • We avoid relying too much on the equipment with the arms
  • The efforts must be made by your lower limbs

Set goals

When playing sports, it’s always important to set goals before you start . It’s the same when you use a stepper.

A stepper will allow you to work your cardio , but also many muscles such as the buttocks, calves or thighs. You will then have to choose a suitable program depending on what you want to achieve as a result.

We also advise you to put a high resistance and have a slow pace to make your muscles work as well as possible. Conversely, if you choose a low resistance and a fast pace, you will train your cardio more easily.



Remember, if you are not sure whether using a stepper is compatible with your health, you will need to ask your doctor.

When we exercise, we drink a lot. It is essential to always hydrate yourself during a workout.

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