Work Out At Home

How to perform an effective workout at home using the right exercise equipment.

Working most of the day, people rarely have the desire and time to go to the gym to keep fit or maybe lose a few extra pounds put on during winter when holidays like Christmas lead us to eat a little more.

So how to do if laziness grips us? The solution could be to train within the home by setting up a small corner of the gym where you can do free body exercises or, if you have enough space, with some equipment.

The convenience of exercising at home is remarkable, however you must still follow a plan and study the movements well before performing them to avoid damage to the joints, muscles or bones. 

Therefore, always evaluate a trial period in the gym to understand which exercises are best suited to your needs, then replicate them later at home?

If you are wondering how much time you should devote to exercise, the answer is: it depends.

 If you haven’t been in the gym for a long time, start slowly, perhaps dedicating half an hour a day to simple activities such as stretching, then slowly moving on to push-ups, abdominals, lunges, squats, all bodyweight exercises that do not require any kind of gear. 

However, it would not be bad to get small dumbbells, even very simple and weighing about 2 kg to start slowly training the muscles of the arms and a soft yoga mat to avoid having to lie down on the floor which could be too hard for your back. .

You will know if the training is paying off when you felt a sense of fatigue from the start. 

For example, if you do twenty push-ups in a row and your arms are not affected.

You are probably too trained to perform such short sets and will therefore need to increase the amount so that the body starts to really struggle. 

The same goes for weight lifting. If you can easily perform sets with the 2 kg weights, use the 4 dumbbells and slowly increase as the body gets used to it.


Lose weight by training

For those who need to lose weight, the speech is different since physical exercise aimed at muscle strengthening alone is not enough and it is necessary to carry out cardio workouts, those that stimulate the cardiovascular system. 

Aerobic activity is the most suitable, but if you don’t want to leave the house to run or you simply can’t because you live in the city and smog could harm you, focus on gym equipment such as the treadmill or the stepper.

The first product is perhaps among the best known as it allows you to run on the spot, eliminating the need for a track to follow.

 Of course, this is a boring workout unless you have an iron willpower, for this you will also have another option, the use of a great stepper.


What is a stepper?

For those who have never seen or heard of this exerciser, much less famous than the treadmill but equally useful.

It is a slightly less bulky machine, with two pedals on which to rest your feet and often also a handlebar.

 Climbing on the stepper, you can simulate a walk without really touching the floor, thus proving to be very useful for training buttocks, legs and thighs. 

By moving the feet on the pedals, the pistons rise and fall, creating a resistance that makes the muscles work.

This resistance can be set on various levels, thus requiring more or less strength during the exercise.

The steppers for sale on the market are varied and you can find very cheap or more expensive ones with additional accessories such as the LCD screen that monitor your values, such as heart rate and calories consumed.

Dimensions also play a fundamental role. They are usually smaller than treadmills, but for those with tiny space they are also available in mini format, consisting solely of the base with the pedals.

 If you buy the latter, however, it will be necessary to take the precautions to avoid losing your balance, performing the exercise on a wall of the house in order to always remain firmly on the stepper.

Do not forget that it is also necessary to purchase the stepper based on other factors, first the maximum range of the tool. 

Compare the value showed by the manufacturer with your weight. If you fall within the recommended weight, then you can proceed with the purchase, but if you go further, even just a little.

We recommend opting for a more resistant tool. In this way, you will avoid dangerous accidents that may not only break the device but also hurt you.


Differences between stepper and step

The stepper should not be confused with the step. It is, in fact, two different tools.

The first, as we previously highlighted, has a system of hydraulic pistons that creates resistance while moving the feet on the pedals, while the second is a simple step.

It can be of original materials and should simply be positioned in front of you while performing various types of exercises, going up and down the step.

In reality, the purpose is the same. They both train the buttocks and muscles of the lower body however the former is much more effective while the step has a lower cost.

I can use even it if you have little space at home as it is very easy to store in a closet or under the bed.  

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