Which Muscles To Work With The Stepper?

Not sure if the stepper is the right device for your goals? Here is we can work an article to let you know which muscles with the help of a stepper.

When you choose a stepper , to work certain muscles in your body, along with your cardio. 

Besides, your session will not be the same. For your cardio, the pace will be faster and the resistance less important.

Thigh muscles

As you can imagine, all the thigh muscles will work during your stepper sessions. Thus, the quadriceps and also the hamstrings will be solicited.

The quadriceps are muscles that are located on the front side of the thigh, while the quadriceps are placed on the back of your leg.

The abdominal muscles

And yes, the stepper does not only allow you to effectively work your legs, but also the abdominals, whether it is the rectus, obliques or transverse.

Calf muscles

The calves will be used significantly, especially if you are working at an incline.

The gluteal muscles

It is especially the gluteus maximus that will work during your stepper sessions.


They play a sheathing and stabilizing role during the ascent and descent phases.

A few tips

As you can see, the stepper is a powerful device that offers many advantages, since it allows you to strengthen several parts of the body. 

Note, however, that it will be necessary to see beforehand if your health allows you to play sports. For this, we always advise you to consult a doctor.

If you’ve never used a stepper, try to start slowly with low resistance and moderate pace. This will allow you to tame your stepper more easily.

Your posture should be perfect, just like any fitness exercise. This is essential to avoid the risk of injury.

If you don’t have a stepper yet, we recommend you look at all of our reviews . Find your happiness!

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