Which Is Better – Incline Trainer Or Stair Stepper?

Incline trainer is one of the best types of fitness equipment in the gym. It is a simple type of equipment that can be easily carried from one place to another. Incline trainers are used for exercising the lower body and help the user to burn more calories.

But the question arises which one is better – incline trainer or stair stepper. Let’s see in detail.

Pros And Cons Of Incline Trainers

The incline trainer helps you to burn more calories as compared to the stair steppers. It has been proved by several researches that the users of the incline trainers burn around 250 calories per hour and in the case of stair steppers the users burn around 150 calories per hour.

The incline trainers provide the workout for the thighs, quadriceps, calves, hamstrings and glutes. As these areas of the body are usually not worked by the stair steppers. So, the users of incline trainers have an easy time while working out their legs.

The incline trainers are suitable for all ages and people of any size and weight. You don’t need to be worried about carrying the weight of the machine as it is very light. The machines are easily portable and can be used at home or in the gym.

The incline trainers are safe to use as it doesn’t require any dangerous attachments like chains or ropes. The machines are designed in such a way that they provide maximum support to the user.

The incline trainers are much cheaper than the stair steppers. So, if you want to invest in an exercise equipment then it is better to buy an incline trainer than a stair stepper.


Incline trainers are an excellent type of exercise equipment that will help you to burn more calories and provide a workout to your entire body. But before you go for purchasing one of these fitness equipment, you need to check whether your gym offers the same.

If it doesn’t offer then you can buy a treadmill instead. The treadmill is a very good option as it is easy to carry and provides a workout to the user in a single go. If you are planning to purchase an incline trainer or stair stepper then it is better to check out some reviews online as they will give you all the important details about the products.

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