Which burns more calories treadmill or stair stepper or stationary bike

A good exercise routine can be a great way to keep yourself fit and healthy. There are many people who are not aware of the fact that they are not exercising enough or they are doing the wrong types of exercises that can make them look unfit. This can create problems for them later in their life.

To avoid such kind of problems, here are some facts about which exercise is better for burning the calories.

Stair Stepper vs Treadmill vs Stationary Bike

You might have heard about different types of exercises like treadmill, stair stepper and stationary bike. All of these three exercises are good to burn calories but each of them has its own pros and cons. So, let’s see which one is better for burning calories.

As we all know, treadmill is a very popular type of exercise machine that will burn a lot of calories. But it doesn’t help in building the muscles because you cannot walk or run on it.

The best thing about treadmill is that it can be used at home and it is also portable. This type of machine can be used for weight loss or weight gain. But if you want to build muscle then this machine can be used only for an hour or two.

On the other hand, stair stepper is a popular type of exercise machine which can help you to burn a lot of calories while you are doing your workout. In this type of exercise, you need to climb stairs and then the machine will help you to burn the calories. It can be used for a longer period of time and helps to build the muscles as well. But this machine can’t be used at home as it requires a gym for using it.

Stationary bike is one of the best machines for burning calories, but it is not a good idea to use it every day. This type of exercise is very beneficial for building muscles. As it requires no special space to use this machine, you can use it anywhere and it is very affordable. You can use this machine for an hour to burn a lot of calories. But this machine can’t be used for weight loss or weight gain.


In conclusion, these are the three types of exercise machines that burn more calories. Each of them has their own benefits and disadvantages. So, it is up to you to decide which one is suitable for you. I am sure you will love to try any of them and see the results for yourself.

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