What to give to a sportsman

We recommend the best gadgets and tools to give to your sports friends and make them happy.

Giving a gift is certainly pleasant, but sometimes it can also be very stressful, especially if you don’t know the person who is to receive it well.

 I do not recommend it to buy something blindly without collecting a minimum of information about the person as you would immediately get rid of the task, but you will not be sure if you have chosen something you like. 

“a gift horse is not looked in the mouth” but a gift made with the best of intentions is always preferable.

If you are lucky and have sports friends, you will no longer have to fear birthday gifts, Christmas gifts or other anniversaries as there are devices of all kinds and for all budgets on the market. 

So let’s see together what gadgets and tools could be that can make the happiness of all those who love physical exercise.

Kickscooter and e-Skates

More than sports equipment, Kickscooters are electric scooters that allow you to move easily around the city, much appreciated by energetic people who are always on the move. 

Those produced by Segway, the Ninebot series, are easily recognized by innovative design and quality materials. I made the luminaire frame of aluminum alloy.

If you want to focus on something more innovative, you can choose the Drift W1, always from the same brand.

 These are two separate e-Skates that can be used both for simply moving around in an urban environment and for having fun performing stunts.


If you have never used a treadmill, raise your hand. They are omnipresent in gyms and have now also invaded the homes of Italians who want to keep fit and cannot go to areas suitable for a bit of running outdoors. 

This is the most suitable gift for runners who live in the city and who have to struggle with smog every day.

Among the most popular products is Fitfiu’s MC-100 folding treadmill, equipped with a silent motor, adjustable speed, and twelve different training programs .

I can select it via the convenient LCD display that also shows information on calories burned, time and speed. 

 A complete device at a competitive cost that will make athletes happy.


Smartwatches had to revolutionize the watch market, becoming the only real alternative to classic wristwatches. 

This was not the case and they now represent a market niche, but they have become extremely popular among athletes thanks to their functions.

It allows you to always keep information and data under control during training without having to consult your bulky smartphone.

In fact, smartwatches have many applications such as satellite navigation, online maps, calories burned, pedometer and even the ability to send music via bluetooth to headphones.

 A very interesting tool both for those who train in the gym and for those who love to do a little jogging.

Action cam

Shooting stunts and highlights with a smartphone can be difficult, which is why so-called action cameras have been introduced on the market, cameras with small dimensions and resistant to falls, diving and any extreme situation .

It may arise while doing sports such as diving, swimming and disciplines on motorcycles and mountain bikes.

 Giving an action cam to a daredevil is the best way to get into his good graces.

The best-selling, but also the most expensive, is the popular GoPro, which recently launched its newest model HERO 7. 

With 12 megapixel photo resolution and up to 4K at 60 FPS for video, the HERO 7 proves to be the best camera for those who want a superlative quality performance. 

Hyper Smooth technology stabilizes the video even during movement, so you don’t have to worry about mountain bike vibrations or fast shots.

Bluetooth headphones

However, not all sportspeople love physical activity, some do it simply to stay fit and not have physical problems.

So it is necessary to be distracted and have fun while doing the thirtieth set of abs or have to run for miles according to the weekly training program. 

What better way to do this than by listening to music? Headphones for athletes represent a world apart.

They must be comfortable, hook up and be stable without the risk of falling and above all be equipped with bluetooth technology so as not to always have bulky wires.

Sony’s NW-WS623 model packs these features. 

They definitely do not have a low cost but represent, according to the users who have tried them.

The best of technology on the market, proving also usable during swimming as they are waterproof up to two meters deep.


Best Folding Stepper Machine is a gym tool that not everyone knows, different from the step.

It is a walking or stair climbing simulator and is mainly used to perform cardio activities and firm the muscles of the legs, buttocks and also involving the abdominals.

  The Best Under Desk Stair Stepper on the market can be of considerable size but also compact thanks to the mini versions.

If you are looking for Best Cheap Stepper Machines to give to your partner.

You could try the mini model of SportPlus, simple to place at home even if you have little space and equipped with a small display that shows the consumption of calories, training time and number of steps taken.

Exercise bike

Another very popular fitness and cardio tool is the exercise bike, a fixed bicycle that can also be used by those who have never learned to ride one with wheels. 

Ultrasport products are very interesting not only from the design point of view but also for the technology applied with sensors that detect the heartbeat and show all the relative values on the on-board computer display.

It is a suitable gift for both beginners and fitness experts, thanks to the many adjustable programs that allow you to create a tailor-made workout.

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