What muscles does the stepper work?

Despite its small size, the stepper has many benefits and works many muscles, especially in the lower body. This article details here the main muscles that you will be working while stepping on a regular basis.

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Lower body muscles worked with the stepper
The stepper strengthens your thighs
When you practice the stepper, at home or in the gym, you will put a lot of stress on your thigh muscles. They are many, and the muscle stepper and works mostly those at the front of the CNVT e . The stepper muscles the back of the thigh a little weaker.

We reassure you right away, although the stepper strengthens the thighs, this does not mean that they will necessarily gain volume! You will refine them, draw them, but no question of making them swell. To draw your thighs by strengthening them, we recommend that you do continuous stepper sessions, and not “in intervals”.

The quadriceps are the thigh muscles mainly worked during a stepper session. These quadriceps, located at the front of the thigh, are made up of four muscles: the vastus lateralis, the vastus femoris (or rectus femur), the vastus medialis, and the vastus intermedius.

To a lesser extent, a mini muscle stepper session also works the hamstrings . They are located at the back of the thigh and are also made up of four muscles: the biceps femoris, the membranous muscle and the semi-tendon muscle.

As the stepper works mainly the muscles of the thighs, the fat that you lose there will be “replaced” by muscle mass; perfect for shapely and toned thighs.

Highly strained calf muscles
The practice of the stepper strongly works the calves . If you want to insist particularly on the latter, just use the front part of the feet when stepping.

The calf muscle is called the sural triceps . The latter is made up of three muscles: two “twin” muscles on the superficial layer (lateral gastrocnemius muscle and medial gastrocnemius muscle) and the soleus muscle on the deep layer.

The gluteal muscles also worked with the stepper
This is one of its great strengths: the stepper muscles the glutes , makes them work enormously. The stepper will make it possible to solicit all the buttocks, making it possible to firm the buttocks and to strongly contribute to the reduction of the saddlebags and the orange peel.

The gluteus is made up of three main muscles: the gluteus maximus (this is the most), the gluteus medius (lateral) and the gluteus minimus (deeper and less developed muscle).

We have walked through the main muscles of the lower body that the mini stepper uses and works during your sessions. Now let’s answer this question: “the stepper: which upper body muscles are used?” Let’s see this a little further down, in the second part!

Upper body muscles worked with the stepper
The heart, the first muscle worked thanks to the stepper
The heart is the first muscle you train while doing cardio. And this is the most important muscle! To stay in shape and strengthen your heart , regular physical activity is essential. All cardio and endurance sports allow you to build it up: running, walking, cycling, swimming, stepper … By strengthening your heart, it will no longer have the same effort to provide to fulfill its mission: to recharge your body in oxygen.

If you have not practiced sport for a very long time or if you have a particular physical condition (obesity, older age, pathology, etc.), always seek the advice of your doctor before (re) practicing cardio sport.

The abdominals slightly solicited while stepping
The stepper allows you to build muscles and to slightly solicit the abdominals . These are not the muscles you will develop the most while stepping, but as you perform your movements, they are naturally called upon to keep your balance on the device.

The abdominal muscles are composed of the oblique muscles (external and internal of the abdomen), the transverse muscle of the abdomen and the rectus muscle of the abdomen.

Hip muscles
By flexing them, you mainly work the flexor muscles of the hip (the psoas-iliac muscle in particular).

As seen above, the stepper allows you to work the buttocks, but also the hips, perfect combo to overcome cellulite and the orange peel appearance!

The lower back has an essential role in maintaining the spine and maintaining balance. They are therefore essential to work regularly. Doing a stepper helps build the lumbar muscles, and therefore the lower back . It is also advisable to work these muscles in order to prevent back pain, which is so common today. To work them, you must make sure you have good posture during your exercise, by standing up straight.

Stepper with elastics: to strengthen the arms and shoulders
Some steppers have resistance bands that help build the upper body more effectively , especially the arms and shoulders. Although it is not as effective as a fitness and weight training device dedicated to these parts of the body, it is an inexpensive way to regularly work other muscles, and in particular the arms (biceps and muscles). triceps) and shoulders

This article has done a recap of the body parts and muscles worked while stepping . The goal is for each of them to work efficiently, tone them, draw them, but in no case to give them a big volume. The stepper is not intended to be a weight machine! It is above all a cardio fitness device. The main muscles worked with the stepper are the thighs, calves, buttocks, heart, and to a lesser extent the abdominals, lumbars, hips. You also work your arms and shoulders if you use a stepper with elastic bands.

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