What is a stepper really used for?

The stepper is a small weight machine that is widely used during fitness sessions. Its operation simulates walking on the stairs . Discover the multiple uses of this ideal equipment for cardio training.

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The 3 most popular stepper models among users

Use the stepper to slim down and tone your body

By alternating the ascent and descent, the stepper acts on the fat. It burns excess calories in fat cells. 

In the long term, it eliminates cellulite in the buttocks and legs. The movements work the lower part including the glutes, calves, quads and abductors. 

This weight machine refines the lower body by strengthening the thighs. Combined with other physical activities such as jogging, it helps tone the entire body. 

The practice requires the coordination of movements of the whole body. This is how the stepper helps to strengthen the arms and tone the muscles. It also works on posture to firm and harmonize the silhouette.

Choose the stepper to strengthen your endurance

Being a cardio-training device , it makes the heart work. During the exercises, you concentrate your effort to counter the resistance of the stepper. Continuously climbing the stairs puts a strain on the cardiovascular system because the heart is in action.

By adopting a sustained pace, you improve your breath. Aerobic capacity increases gradually. As you practice, it increases endurance to keep you in good physical condition.

To avoid accidents, however, a few basic rules are in order. it eliminates cellulite, ask the professional seller. If you go to a sports center, check with the manager of the fitness room beforehand.

Some tips for obtaining optimal results

Did you know that simulating stair walking burns your calories from your first movements? Each climb corresponds to the loss of 0.11 calories. Less significant, the descent will burn 0.05 calories. If you are new to the practice of the stepper , start gently for a period of about twenty minutes.

Gradually extend each session to reach 45 to 60 minutes. To avoid trauma, warm up your joints and muscles beforehand.

Each workout with this fitness equipment ends with a stretching session. Important point: your spine is under great strain if you adopt bad posture. During the movements, check that your body remains straight and that your movements are flexible.

In conclusion

What is a stepper for ? Regular use of this cardio machine improves your well-being. It keeps you in good physical condition by improving your endurance. It also allows you to have a slim and harmonious body with toned muscles.

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