What does the step muscle? What areas and parts of the body are worked and used while stepping?

Depending on the sport practiced, certain areas of the body will be used more than others, but what about when you step? Are you going to tone and refine your figure by doing step? Below you will find the list of muscles and muscle groups strengthened and sculpted by the stepper!

Upper limbs (shoulders, arms and forearms)

The biceps : These muscles located on the anterior aspect of the arm are surrounded by two joints (scapulo-humeral, elbow). The biceps consist of two muscles ( long biceps and short biceps ) that promote flexion and rotation of the arms.
The triceps : Located on the internal face of the arm, they cover three muscles (the vastus lateralis , the internal vase and the long head of the triceps ) which complete the flexor role of the biceps brachii . The triceps allow the forearm to be extended.
Trunk and pelvis (Chest, stomach and back)
The step requires very little effort from this area.
Lower limbs (Glutes, thighs and calves)

The glutes : Located at the intersection of the lower limbs and the trunk, the gluteal or gluteal muscles ( gluteus maximus , gluteus medius and gluteus minimus ) are among the largest and most powerful muscles in the body. They serve in particular the mobility of the thigh and the maintenance of the pelvis.
The quadriceps : They are located at the front of the thigh . the quadriceps are each made up of 4 muscles (the vastus femoris or rectus femur , the vastus lateralis , the vastus medialis , the vastus intermedius ). These muscles facilitate the flexion of the thigh on the hip as well as the extension of the leg on the thigh.
The hamstring muscles : Located on the back side of the thigh, these muscles are four in number ( femoral , semi-tendinous and semi-membranous biceps ). They ensure the flexion of the leg and the extension of the thigh.
Calf muscles : Also called sural triceps , the calf muscles include 3 muscle bundles including the soleus and the twins (or gastrocnemius). These muscles promote the extension of the foot on the leg
In addition to exercising, step is an excellent sport for strengthening the lower body. The sequences of steps and generally toned arms make it possible to strengthen the buttocks, thighs, calves as well as the arms.

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