Types of steppers

You need to exercise and already lean towards the stepper. 

The only problem is that you don’t know what to choose since there are several types of steppers. What are these types of steppers?

The traditional mini stepper

The traditional mini stepper is, as its name suggests, small like, for example, the Sport Plus Dual 2 in 1. It is often used at home.

 This stepper will not give you the expected results, since the amplitude of the movement remains average because of the small size of the stepper. 

Also, the mini stepper does not have handles, so you have to learn to balance. Don’t worry, the body can adapt to it easily and quickly.

The mini oblique stepper

Another form of the traditional mini stepper is the oblique mini stepper. This stepper is a little more different since we added a side function to it. 

Thus, by using it, your movements are much more complete.

 Indeed, unlike the traditional stepper, you can make movements following an oblique trajectory from left to right, from bottom to top, also without a problem.

I recommend mini steppers for athletes who have just started or for people who exercise occasionally.

The original stepper

The original stepper, as the name suggests, is the most advanced stepper. 

Indeed, this device is much larger and much heavier than the mini stepper. Therefore, it is much more stable. 

Unlike the mini stepper, the original stepper allows you to have a greater amplitude thanks to the large pistons with which it is equipped.

For more maneuverability, the stepper has handles that allow you to stand up well while you put in effort.

 The stepper also has a fairly sophisticated console that allows you to make adjustments and also to choose the type of workout you want.

People who like to exercise intensively used the original stepper much more.

Anyone can use steppers. However, it is important to know how you want to use it.

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