Training: the stairs? A gym at no cost!

Toned glutes and firm legs without effort. 30 steps three times a day are enough. And you get significant results in a short time.

After decades of elevator, let’s go back to the steps: getting on and off helps the physical fitness. 

“It is an excellent exercise, free, within everyone’s reach and brings great benefits”, explains the personal trainer Massimo Pirola , who explains the benefits, techniques and methods for those who want to transform this exercise, for some however obligatory, into a real own workout. 

Done every day, it strengthens the cardiovascular system, increases tissue oxygenation, reduces the risk of heart disease.


On the way up, the entire muscles of the lower limbs are strengthened, from the calf to the thigh, including the small, medium and large buttock muscles.

 It is ideal for toning up those who practice aerobic sports such as running.

We recommend it for the elderly and menopausal women to improve bone mass and combat osteoporosis. 

Without forgetting the calorie expenditure: about 8 calories per minute , which can vary according to speed, individual weight, step height.

 Using the Best Portable Stepper Machine must be continuous and not random. It is certainly not enough to walk three floors now and then to stay fit and enjoy the benefits. 

I should think them of as a personal gym, at no cost, to be exploited by climbing at least 30 steps without breaks three times a day.


Use technique, diversify the step: one or two steps at a time, zigzag, cross steps or moving from one side of the ramp to the other. 

This is how balance and coordination are also trained, the pace is kept high .

 On the Best Indoor Stair Stepper, it is necessary to have a correct posture to avoid ankle and knee problems. Lean forward slightly while keeping your back straight, look and head up.

 The support is important: the whole foot goes on the step, not just the tip.

 Pay attention to the descent, and don’t forget the stretching: 2/3 minutes of stretching the hamstrings, quadriceps and calves muscles are enough.

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