The stepper to lose weight and lose belly

Losing weight and losing belly are often the main reasons that lead us to take up sports. 

As a cardio and endurance machine, the stepper is effective if you want to lose weight and lose stomach. This is also one of the many benefits of stepper practice .

The stepper helps you lose weight and lose weight

Do you have a goal of losing weight and losing weight ? That’s good, it’s one of the benefits of the stepper! The practice of the stepper turns out to be an effective ally in helping you lose weight. 

To lose weight (and thus refine your figure), it is necessary to burn more calories than you consume during a day.

 This is called the calorie deficit. When you exercise cardio for long enough, at low enough intensity, your body will also draw on fat for energy.

It is estimated that stepping for 1 hour burns around 500 calories. The stepper is then perfectly suited to lose weight and lose weight.

Lose weight with a stepper: promote long sessions at low intensity

To lose weight and promote weight loss with the stepper, you should prefer long sessions but at moderate or even low intensity. Indeed, the process of lipolysis (process during which the body uses fat to transform it into energy) only occurs after about 30 minutes of exercise. You must then do at least 35 minutes of sport to start burning fat effectively in addition to consuming calories.

Another way to lose weight and lose weight with the stepper is to practice interval training. This consists of alternating moments at very high intensity and moments at very low intensity. However, if you are new to sports, this type of exercise, although very effective, can be complicated to perform because it requires very great efforts.

We have seen in this article that the stepper is a good device to lose weight and lose weight . As with any goal of weight loss, cardio sport is essential but must be accompanied by a rebalancing of food. You should also prefer long sessions at moderate or even low intensity to lose weight more effectively with a stepper.

Adopt new eating habits

If your goal is to lose weight and lose weight, doing cardio training and especially stepper is recommended. But to be as effective as possible, the practice of the stepper (or other cardio device) must be accompanied by an adapted diet .

As we said before, to lose weight and lose weight you must burn more calories than you consume during a day. The danger when you start sport is not to adapt your diet, or even to let yourself go after the effort. The fatal mistake is to think that after 45 minutes of sport, we have the right to have fun… And quickly, you will largely reabsorb the calories you have just lost. But if you combine cardio and new eating habits , the results will be all the more visible quickly. Of course, then there is no question of resuming bad eating habits to avoid gaining weight!

Steppers to lose belly?

Yes, the stepper can help lose belly fat.
The stepper is a cardio device. As we saw at the beginning of the article, practicing it on a regular basis will allow you to burn a lot of calories . We have also highlighted that for your body to draw on its fat, you must do sessions of at least 40 or 45 minutes, since it is from 30 minutes of exercise that your body begins its process of l ipolysis. You are going from that point on that your body will break down the lipids stored in your fatty tissue.

In summary: you will lose a lot more fat during this process of lipolysis; this is why your stepper sessions must be not only long (45 minutes, or even 1 hour to greatly improve the effects) but also regular (3 times a week, no less.).

By doing this, the practice of the stepper will allow you to lose belly fat , but also that located in the lower body, thighs and buttocks in particular. Be aware that it is absolutely impossible to target fat loss only in one part of the body in particular. Yes you will lose belly fat, but not only that: you will lose fat everywhere.

Diversify your exercises for better results

The stepper makes you lose stomach, and this is one of the benefits of this device, but that should not be your main goal, because the upper body is less strained than the lower body.

To promote belly loss with the stepper , stay well covered and contract your abs during your session. You can also choose a more complete device, with handlebars or resistance bands allowing you to work more on your upper body.

To get a better result and lose belly fat more effectively, I advise you to diversify your exercises , for example the rowing machine which will strain your upper body much more, or swimming, jogging. Generally speaking, all cardio sports will help you lose belly fat! But in any case, the sessions should be rather long.

To summarize, yes , stepper practice does lose belly fat, but it is not the part of the body where you will lose the most fat. In any case, to maximize belly loss, favor long, low-intensity sessions to make the most of your body’s lipolysis process. And above all, do not hesitate to diversify your exercises to promote belly loss, such as sheathing, swimming or running.

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