The stepper to lose cellulite

Cellulite and its orange peel effect dreaded by many women is quite difficult to get rid of. Playing sports helps fight against this cellulite. It is even one of the most effective allies in helping you get rid of it. So, is losing cellulite one of the benefits of the stepper ?

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The stepper is effective in losing cellulite
Undoubtedly, the stepper is an anti cellulite ally . Cellulite is the result of too much fat being stored in adipose cells. this unremoved fat accumulates and forms this bumpy effect.

Playing cardio sports, including the stepper, allows you to tap into your fat and drain your tissues. By stepping, your body will therefore eliminate the fat stored in these adipose cells of the hips, buttocks and thighs. 

One of the best benefits of the stepper is that it is very effective in getting rid of orange peel because it works the thighs and buttocks deeply, thanks to its “stairlift” movement.

 Overall, it is even the entire lower body that is worked by doing the mini stepper (some areas of the upper body, such as the abs, the lumbar muscles, are also used). 

The area where cellulite accumulates is particularly targeted when stepping. It is therefore a very good anti-orange peel device!

How to effectively lose cellulite with the stepper

When you start, the best way to lose cellulite while stepping is to focus on long sessions at low intensity. Long sessions (at least 30 minutes) promote the elimination of fat by your body, which will seek energy.

It is from around 30 minutes that the body will really start to draw on your fats located in the buttocks, hips, thighs , responsible for cellulite and the orange peel appearance. And the longer you do it, the more efficient this process is and the more you benefit from the benefits of the stepper! Obviously, to last 35 minutes, 45 minutes, 1 hour or more, you must set your stepper on a fairly low intensity. This is very important because with a low intensity, you will avoid gaining muscle mass (volume) in your thighs.

To not be discouraged, prefer 40-minute sessions 3 times a week, than 1 single session of 1h15 for example. Stepping regularly is the key to losing cellulite.

Understanding cellulite

To effectively fight this orange peel and cellulite, the best is to understand what we are fighting against! The most common cellulite is fat cellulite . As the name suggests, it comes from the fat cells under the epidermis of the skin, which have stored too much fat. It is difficult to eliminate this excess fat that has accumulated over the years.

  • When your body consumes at least as much fat as you ingest, there is no fat storage: cellulite does not appear.
  • When you ingest more fat than your body can consume, then it is stored and is not eliminated: cellulite is formed.

To be more precise, three types of cellulite exist:

  • Fat cellulite: as said before, it results from the difference between the fat ingested and your body’s consumption of fat. It is the most common: doing stepper or cardio sport with a healthier diet can overcome it.
  • Aqueous cellulite: poor venous and lymphatic circulation retains water within the tissues, forming dimples and the appearance of orange peel. The best ways to get rid of it: palpate-roll, aquabiking, the Cellu-M6, cardio sports such as the stepper. You should avoid jogging or aerobics which will put too much pressure on the veins.
  • Fibrous cellulite: it is linked to sagging skin and appears in adult women, especially during menopause. It is more painful and more difficult to remove. Here again, playing sports remains an effective ally.

We have seen in this article why sport and the stepper is effective for losing cellulite and orange peel skin. It is preferable to practice long enough sessions and regularly so that the stepper is effective against cellulite. There are three types of cellulite, and exercising is effective in the long term to get rid of them. Fat cellulite, the most common, is also probably the “easiest” to eliminate by stepping or other cardio sport, coupled with a healthier diet.

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