The stepper: cardio training and weight training for the thighs

The stepper is a weight machine (from the English step which means “step” or ” staircase “), which simulates an uninterrupted climb of stairs. 

It is very effective in strengthening the muscles of the thighs, but also the heart. As long as you adopt a good position.

The stepper requires good coordination, to keep the pelvis and back straight while pressing hard on one foot and then the other. 

A word of advice: don’t let this put you off after the first use. ” Once its technique is well assimilated, the stepper is devilishly effective “, explain Dr. Stéphane Cascua and journalist Alain Dalouche, authors of a book on cardio training programs.

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Cardiotraining and thigh strength training

The stepper is a device that works the thighs, from the first steps. Unlike devices like the rowing machine or the elliptical, the supports become more flexible and fluid as the resistance increases. ” The difficulty does not lie in the resistance to push, but in the weight of the body to be lifted “, explain the two authors.

This finding means above all that at low resistance, it is advisable to push hard on the thighs. In this case, the effort is more muscular than cardiac. And the exercise is almost like a race on the spot … On the other hand, at higher resistance the stepper ” takes on the specificities of cardio training and puts the heart in action “.

Stepper: beware of bad postures

Before you start, seek the advice of the manager of the gym or – if you buy a machine – a specialist dealer. A professional will explain the right actions to you and the postural errors to avoid. Such as tilting the torso forward, a position that can put a lot of strain on the spine .

Here is therefore an ideal machine to get back in shape, to combine ideally with other devices such as the bicycle, the elliptical trainer or the rower. Finally, the stepper fits perfectly in the preparation of a mountain hike or a nature race. Ready for the climb?

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