The Step: One Of The Most Popular Fitness Tools

Today I am talking about a discipline that has been in vogue for several years: the step, one of the most popular fitness tools.

Someone precisely based the step on a step on which you go up and down rhythmically.


It was the year 1984 when Gin Miller , an American girl in her early twenties, who worked in a gym a few kilometers from Atlanta, Georgia, lived dreaming of the aerobic myth of Jane Fonda

Gin used to organize his aerobics classes and have a loyal audience.

In 1987, a knee injury shattered his dream: forced to stop and slow and painful recovery. 

No one imagined it was an accident that would revolutionize the entire history of fitness and Gin’s personal one. 

The trusted orthopedist recommended to strengthen the joint: “Take a box that is not too high, like those used for milk bottles”, he suggests, “and go up and down repeatedly.”

Gin works hard, but in his own way. “I never took that tape,” he says. «The entrance step of the porch of my house was more than enough.

And I started: up-down, up-down, to immediately understand that it was a deadly bore.

To make the rehab a little more bearable, I turned on the stereo with a compilation I used for aerobics classes.

To my surprise, I found that the heart was working at a higher frequency with that simple movement of difficulties made, however, to the rhythm of the music. 

As soon as I got back to the gym, I had a step set up along the entire perimeter of the aerobics room. 

It was an unpredictable success, to where I was forced to dissect the step into several parts to be scattered throughout the room, in order to accommodate more people ».

And all the rest is history …

“I still remember very well when I took a very artisanal step in Massachusetts, to the Reebok headquarters, to involve it in the project.

 Talking to the managers was difficult. I had to make seven trips.

 But eventually Angel Martinez, Marketing Director and Executive Vice President, saw the potential of the idea, started developing the platform, and created Reebok University.

 A group of fitness industry leaders and researchers who developed the guidelines and played a vital role in teaching this new program to instructors, first in America and then around the world. It was a really exciting time ”.



The Best Stepper Machineshelps to burn calories and regulate body weight: the amount of calories burned depends on the speed of the movements, the height of the tool and the time spent exercising.

The step involves a type of training that helps the cardiovascular system and improves walking, balance, and harmony of movements.

Since training is fun, it can help reduce mental stress and, if done in a group, it can create and develop social relationships.

The energy expenditure in exercises with immobile steps, which involve an actual forward movement and lifting of the center of mass, is calculated using the following formula:

rise rate (/ min) x 0.35 (ml / kg / min) + 0.35 (ml / kg / min) / rise rate (/ min)

In summary, the characteristics of the step are:

  • Implementation of medium-high intensity aerobic training by eliminating the impact on the ground typical of aerobics classes (Hi-low impact)

  • Possibility to vary the intensity of the training by varying the height of the platform or by adding propulsive movements and thus adapting it to various types of students (beginners and experts)

  • Ease of training application with simple steps and uniform repetitions

  • Possibility of using the platform for periodic training and physical efficiency tests

  • Implement a complete and balanced fitness program

  • Popular activity and of a common approach for men and women.

Moving steppers or steps deserves a separate note. Thanks to two special pedals, it is possible to simulate the movement of the ascent of the stairs and using the connection to a computer supplied with this machine.

It is possible to program the level of intensity of the effort, the caloric consumption and the heart rate, a fundamental parameter for assess the validity of the work in progress.

In this type of exercise, unlike the mobile step, the antigravity component can be lower, since it can also push the step down, without further raising the center of mass.

 This tool stimulates the muscles of the lower limbs and buttocks, the latter stressed in a more relevant way if the support and the push on the pedal occur with the use of the heel.

During the first workouts, the lateral supports of the steppers allow the athlete to hold on and stay in balance, but later they will no longer be used in order to allow the natural swing of the arms typical of the movement of climbing stairs.


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