Admittedly, it is not always easy to find the time to go to the gym. From now on, no need to feel guilty, you will be able to train at home and firm up your figure! How? ‘Or’ What ?

 Thanks to a small effective fitness equipment to keep fit all year round.


Maintaining your shape is essential and all means are good to stick to it, even at home! 

Among all the fitness activities , the popular step, which you enjoy practicing in your gym or even at home, allows you to exercise and burn a good number of calories. Its concept is simple: you train on a step that offers a multitude of exercises.

 Its goal ? Improve your physical condition and work your cardiovascular system by causing an increase in aerobic capacity (better endurance). 

With the step, you work both the muscular and cardiovascular systems. Over the course of the sessions, your breath improves and your coordination also.



For a rather occasional but equally beneficial practice, try your hand at the mini stepper , a small complete fitness device for building up everything. 

Unlike standard models, the mini version stepper has a separate function: it not only allows you to lose weight and work in cardio , but it sculpts and firms the lower limbs (glutes, abductors, adductors, quadriceps, calves, etc.) .

 Its small size is very practical for sculpting your figure while staying at home. You use it very simply standing on small steps as if you were going up the stairs.



Two models are available to you to keep in shape: the mini stepper Essential tones the lower body thanks to the lateral movement of the pedals which works the lower body, thighs, buttocks and slims the waist . 

Even more complete, the Twister mini stepper allows you to sculpt a toned body from head to toe. Its integrated handles offer a dual function: you work both your upper and lower body .

Each device is equipped with a counter which indicates:

– the elapsed time,
– the loss of calories,
– the number of steps performed per minute
– the cumulative number of steps



Each training session with stepper should begin with a warm-up phase of 3 to 5 minutes, more after 50 years. Begin each exercise with a gradual warm-up and end with a cool-down.

 If you start your training too quickly, you may increase the risk of injury and waste your energy by exercising inappropriately. Slowly raise your heart rate. Build up your endurance gradually.

If you train every day, do 10 minutes of exercise, 2-3 times a week do 20-30 minutes and 1-2 times a week increase to 60 minutes. 

For beginners, the intensity of the effort and the duration must be progressive and adapted to their level for maximum efficiency and safety.

At the end of each stepper session , adopt a calm recovery phase (reduction of effort), followed by a relaxation phase. 

Start and end each exercise with a stretching session. Stretching before your exercise increases muscle flexibility to prevent strains and injuries.

 After the effort it relaxes the muscles and helps to avoid stiffness. Stretch slowly and gently and hold each stretch for 30 to 60 seconds as you exhale.

Want to vary the sessions? How about testing a step session at home? This little accessory fits easily under your sofa. Find out how to lose weight with the step in our article.


With the mini stepper, you have everything to gain to tone your figure while waiting to hit the road to the gym. 

For an even more efficient work and to also work the waist and the abdominal belt, turn the hips with each rise of step. All you have to do is swing and adopt the procedure!

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