The mini stepper for efficient training

It is known to all that playing sports regularly can only be beneficial for the body and the mind. It is even a must to keep in shape.
Want to lose weight ? Or do you want to work on the lower part of your body? But also the top part thanks to the elastic bands.If this is the case, I advise you to adopt the mini stepper. This device is practical and efficient.
It is even used in gyms and physiotherapists. This, to build muscles and firm the body. But, it is also the ideal device for people who want to work out at home. You will no longer need to go to the gym to reach your goal!

Let’s go to discover in this article everything there is to know about the mini stepper. 🙂

What is a mini stepper?

The mini stepper is a fitness device . It allows its user to work the muscles of his lower limbs going from the thighs to the legs . For more precision, it allows to solicit the muscles of the thighs ( quadriceps and hamstrings ), abdominals, calves, glutes as well as the lumbar muscles .
Using it, it will be as if you are continually climbing stairs .
Difficult, but so effective!

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This, by simultaneously alternating the movements of the right foot and the left foot. The versatile models also help tone the arms and shoulders.

Woman practicing mini-stepper in her living roomA mini-stepper with elastic bands to work the upper body

The mini stepper has a fairly identical process to a few devices, in particular treadmills, the exercise bike and the elliptical trainer. And even the vibrating or oscillating platform.
In addition, it is a derivative of the stepper. It is more suitable for beginners and for practice several times a week.

Why use a mini stepper?

Buy a mini stepper? I absolutely recommend! This device will bring you many advantages.

Convenient and economical

Doing sport at a low price is now possible with this innovative machine. After its acquisition, you can play sports at home. You can go at your own pace and stop whenever you want.

In addition, with its mini qualification , it is in no way bulky. No problem that it takes up space. When you are not using it, you can store it in a corner.

Besides, it is not expensive. Some fifty euros and you can get some of the cheapest in its category.

Draw your silhouette well

With the alternation of the pressure of the left and right foot, the muscles of the lower body will be solicited. Thus, its use will help you sculpt your figure. After a few sessions, you will have a plump buttocks. But still, more muscular thighs and thinner legs.

It will also work the abs a little.
What, moreover, will refine you the size by toning it.

Losing weight

Combined with a healthy and balanced diet, playing sports with the mini stepper is very effective. Especially if you want to lose weight.

An excellent slimming ally, it will strengthen your muscles while burning a few calories, around 300 to 700 in just 1 hour of exercises.
But the more you exercise, the more your fat will be burned.

In addition, this device helps reduce cellulite.

Improve your heart rate

The mini stepper also helps to work your cardiovascular system. It will give you better endurance as you exercise than you might expect. Your heart will only be fine. Not to mention that your breath will be more regular. This will increase your lung capacity.

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How to choose a mini stepper?

Choosing a sports device definitely depends on the lens you want. So you won’t have to waste money unnecessarily or be disappointed by not having the desired effect.

The best for working the lower body
If you want to firm up the lower parts of your body, choose the simple mini stepper. Especially if you want to work the buttocks. Ideally, the device should be equipped with non-slip steps.

Some models have an adjustable handlebar. This, so that it brings you stability in your movements. And also, so that you always have a straight back.

But let’s not forget the essential! A counter to manage the elapsed time, the loss of calories and also the number of steps taken per minute.

The best for working the whole body

To work the whole body, there’s nothing like the versatile model with side elastic bands. You will have to work both your lower and upper body.

Do not forget: before any purchase, find out about the device in question. Gather information on its use and the maximum weight supported. Then choose a model according to your weight. It will prevent you from unpleasant surprises.

Indeed, the mini stepper must remain stationary while you use it. Remember that this device will only be stable if it is heavy. So it won’t move easily from the ground unless you move it.

A woman doing a mini stepper with rubber bands

What are the contraindications for the mini stepper?

Despite the fact that it is super easy to exercise on a mini stepper, think about your health first. Its use should not make your condition worse.
Therefore, if you are prone to the issues below, do not take the risk of starting a workout with a mini stepper:

bad of two
knee pain
foot or ankle pain
Obviously, those with heart problems shouldn’t use it either unless your doctor allows it under the guise of reasonable use.
Indeed, a heart problem does not mean lying in bed!

How to train well with a mini stepper?
Before even proceeding with the exercises on a mini stepper, you will need to follow a few safety rules. This will ensure that you can practice your sport in complete safety.

The basic rules
Long before you consider stepping on the unit, place it on level ground. Make sure it is clean and dry. Any traces of moisture could help you slip.

Above all, keep your back straight throughout the session. Avoid bending down to look at your feet. Look straight ahead and keep your head bearing. Tighten your buttocks and tuck your stomach in for maximum effect.

Do you want to exercise the abdominal belt and build muscle? Try to rotate your hips during the climb simultaneously . You will see the result as quickly as possible.

Warming up
As with every workout, it is necessary to warm up well. And the use of the mini stepper is no exception.

Start with a warm-up for a few minutes.
It can be stretching, or other movements of your choice. Please note that the warm-up time for athletes is not the same as for others. They will always have to do more to avoid any inconvenience during practice.

Then you will start each exercise at a controlled and moderate pace so that you don’t get exhausted initially.

Regular work
Regarding the frequency and duration of a session, they are variable for each person. It depends on what goal you have set for yourself. It also varies by age, physical condition and even progression. Of course, it is recommended to train every day, but only if you can.
I’m not going to force you.😉

For the duration, in order to have a better result, the minimum is 3 months. But remember, the more you practice, the more the results will be seen and felt.

And so, a daily 20-25 minute workout will work wonderfully.
Or otherwise, 2 to 3 sessions per week of 30 to 45 minutes remain a good compromise.

On the other hand, if you are still a beginner, do not try to start straight away! Do it little by little, in stages.
For example, train once or twice a week for a 10-minute session. Take a break when you feel like it is too hard or you are too tired. And above all, know when to stop when you can no longer.

Then, do not hesitate to increase your pace gradually.

End of training
At the end of each session, gradually reduce the effort and allow yourself a moment of relaxation.

Above all, don’t forget to hydrate yourself well.
Drink plenty of water to make up for the loss of water that has turned into sweat.

Also practice some stretching exercises of 30 to 60 seconds each while exhaling without forcing too much on the extensions. This will help the strained muscles to relax.

I appreciate the Domyos brand from Décathlon because their equipment is reliable, and the after-sales service is impeccable (you go to the store and we accompany you).

I do not select models at 15 euros because they are unreliable, move abnormally over use at the risk of injury.
In addition, some models are noisy and will squeal at each request, which is annoying.

A sports exercise must be precise and repeatable without parasitic movements.

Since it is a fitness device that you will use regularly, indulge yourself with a product that will make you want to. 🙂

My advice !
I know a lot of people who want to play sports, but give up after a few sessions.
Practicing sport at home is an undeniable advantage for some people, and for others, motivation weakens with the passing days.

You absolutely have to insist and create a real training routine so that you can keep the motivation that has brought you so far!

If you plan to train at home with a mini stepper, then I advise you to set a specific and achievable goal. You will thus see sporting activity as a real pleasure, not as a chore. Make a schedule so that you can follow your progress!

Write down the calories you lost, the duration of your sessions and even their frequencies.
Also, don’t forget to put on special sports shoes.

Do not hesitate to use a mini stepper to sculpt the body of your dreams! A good dose of motivation will do the trick🙂

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