The different types of stepper

You want to practice stepper but you are lost among all types of stepper? In this article, discover the list of the main steppers that exist: the “stair climber ”, the mini stepper , the handlebar stepper and the vertical climber.

The stepper “climbs the stairs”

Commonly, to designate the mini stepper, it is customary to use the term “stepper” quite simply. In fact, the stepper originally refers to the “stair climber” machine found in the gym. These machines are very expensive and take up space; they are therefore often reserved for fitness rooms . But that’s the price to pay for a sophisticated professional machine, fun, and above all ultra efficient for cardio, glutes and lower limbs in general.

The mini stepper

The mini stepper, commonly known as a stepper , is the most commonly purchased device when you want to practice this physical activity. Small, light, easy to use and very affordable , it is very popular and there is a very large choice of models. There are two types of mini-stepper:

The mini stepper up down : the movement of the steps is done up and down only
The mini lateral stepper : in addition to the up-down movement, a lateral movement allows you to work a little deeper the muscles of the thighs and hips.
The only drawback of the mini stepper is the low variety of exercises. This is clearly countered by its practicality and lightness which allows you to train anywhere, at any time of the day . The mini stepper is undeniably a very interesting cardio training device at an ultra competitive price . You have no reason to test at home 🙂

To diversify your workouts and strengthen your arms, some steppers have rubber bands.

The handlebar stepper

The stepper with handlebars is a little more advanced than the mini stepper. The presence of the handlebars improves its stability during the effort . In addition, the presence of the handlebars has the advantage of making your obliques, back and abdominals work a little more .

However, the stepper with handlebar naturally takes up a little more space than the mini stepper. The slight disadvantage is clearly offset by its affordable price, barely more expensive than a good mini stepper, and allowing to work more muscles and body parts than a mini stepper.

The vertical climber stepper

This stepper is distinguished from others by the movement performed. The vertical climber imitates the movement of climbing . Climbing allows you to work effectively on the cardio, like other steppers.

The parts of the body worked are mainly the thighs, buttocks, back, arms . In the same way as the stepper with handlebars, the “vertical climber”, or vertical climber, naturally takes up a little more space than the mini stepper.

The vertical climber stepper is a bit expensive than the mini stepper and the stepper with handlebars. For this price, you get a more fun stepper that allows you to diversify your exercises, and obviously work different muscles and parts of the body.

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