The step is a cardio-type sport activity that burns calories, at a rate of around 500 Kcal per hour, which is not nothing.

But, the interest of practicing the step does not stop with the simple energy expenditure. So yes, it is indeed its main interest, since, not only we spend energy but also we release our nervous tension accumulated during the week.

If your goal is to lose weight, the practice of step will be suitable. It is an activity that is also minimally traumatic for the knee joints (the same cannot be said of running).

Not content with losing weight, or even your fat mass disappearing, and your nervous energy regained, you will notice, after a few step sessions, that your body will be more alert.

You will be much fitter. Your balance will be improved. Your postural tone will be just as important. Your muscle coordination has never been so developed.


The advantage of the step is that it can be practiced almost anywhere and that the latter requires almost no equipment, except … a step.

However, as sport always provokes more emulation when practiced in a group, it will therefore be more interesting, from any point of view, to take step classes in a fitness center rather than to follow them alone at the same time. House.

Of course, you could take a course remotely, on your TV or on the internet… but nothing would ever replace the atmosphere of a group and the personalized advice of a fitness instructor!

Good habits should be learned as early as possible when starting a new sport. It is therefore important to have a real teacher at your disposal and not a remote coach or, worse, a DVD course. Why ? Quite simply, because it will be able to correct your beginner’s mistakes… and that is priceless!

The fitness teacher will also be able to detect in you a possible health problem, for example, an obvious shortness of breath which would then reveal heart problems, or a lack of flexibility during the climbs of step which would reveal, as for her, a problem of lordosis, kyphosis, contracted muscles …


Please note that the step should not be confused with the stepper. The step is characterized by a raised platform on which we perform ascents and descents by moving our whole body, up and down.

The stepper, on the other hand, corresponds to a machine on which we position ourselves on it while standing. We then simply perform calf extensions, not by raising the body but by depressing the pedals at the foot.

The step is much more demanding. This requires a more pronounced energy commitment. With the step, you must constantly keep your balance.

Your body therefore works in depth not only at the level of the legs, calves and glutes, but also at the level of the postural muscles of the body such as the abdominals, all the abdominal strap even, transverse and obliques included, at the level of the erector muscles. of the spine, the spinal muscles, and even at the level of the shoulders.

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