Sunny Health & Fitness SF-S0637 Twist-In Stepper [2022 Edition ]

Classic and fashion variations of the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-S0637 Twist-In Stepper are available.

You may use it at home, in the workplace, or in a tiny workout environment as a stepper, glider, and air walker with a foldable and lightweight build.

On their little transportation wheels, you can quickly move and drive it around.

At the time of this product analysis, 4 consumers had given it a 4.7 out of 5 star rating.

The double function split suspension on the taller classic model allows you to drive freely.

You won’t be limited by time or weather and you can exercise anytime you like in the privacy of your own home or workplace.

Since the anti-slip foot pedals are good for your flexibility and fitness, you can stay comfortable and balanced during your exercise.

Both the Classic and Fashion versions take up very little room in your home and can be conveniently stored while not in service.

The tiny and clear LCD console shows the time spent exercising, the number of calories consumed, the count, and the scan.

You will monitor your fitness success to make reaching your goal simpler and faster.

By focusing on the muscles all over your body, both models will help you burn calories and fat, remain healthy, and stay in form.

When you step up and down on the lateral twist on the “Fashion” model, the buttocks and thighs can get wider.

And the muscle toning would cover your whole body, not just your thighs. You’ve got exercise bands on the shoulders, wrists, stomach, and back.

It’s robust and long-lasting, with a heavy-duty steel frame that can endure for several years until it’s mistreated.

We don’t know how much the bigger classic model weights, and we don’t know how much the tiny Fashion model weighs.

Both are, however, lightweight but durable, and maneuverable. They take less than five to ten minutes to assemble with the equipment and directions provided in the kit.

You’ll get a perfect low-impact exercise that’s easy on the knees and joints.

Please be cautious when using it, since you are the only one that can hold you balanced and prevent you from sliding backward. Both units work on the heart to help you continue to remain balanced.

You will push your body by bending your elbows, calves, and glutes until you’ve learned how to do it properly. When holding your balance with your hips, you can use light Livebest Folding Fitness Step Machine Air Walk Trainer Fashion in actionfree weights.

The range of motion is excellent—more than suitable for people of all heights. If you’re enormous, though, you do not feel the same way.

The best part is that it works slowly and silently, allowing you to workout whilst watching TV or listening to music.

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-S0637 Twist-In Stepper phase machine does not have a resistance dial or mode, but you can definitely feel it running.

It takes just five minutes to bring together and is a lot of fun to use. Overall, it offers excellent value for money, but given its low price, don’t expect it to perform as well as more costly brand name products.

It does the job well and functions well, but please keep your children and pets away from this machine as it may quickly trigger an accident.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-S0637 Twist-In Stepper REVIEW

Combining the effects of the elliptical and the stepper, the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-S0637 Twist-In Stepper works the body while protecting your knees and lower back.





Of programs


Max user weight

180 kg

Heartbeat taking

Chest belt included


Semi pro


149 cm


78 cm


218 cm


120 kg

Carton dimensions

1.47 x 0.55 x 1.01 (L x W x H)


DESCRIPTION OF Sunny Health & Fitness SF-S0637 Twist-In Stepper

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-S0637 Twist-In Stepper improves your coordination, your agility, your endurance and allows you to burn calories quickly. Its robust frame ensures you a safe session.


Including a 5 ‘x 3’ inch LCD screen. (12.7 x 7.6 cm),
– 6 standard quick access programs, 2 custom programs, 2 HRC programs.
– A dial to quickly adjust the intensity of your exercise.
– Bluetooth connectivity which offers you the possibility of transferring your training data to your application (Fitbit, Record, Mapmyrun, Apple Health).
– An integrated tablet holder, to watch your series while you train.


The easy-pin adjustable handlebars, with 4 height settings, give you the flexibility you need to adjust the machine to your liking, rather than the other way around. 

Looking to tone your triceps and biceps, keep the handles facing forward… or to focus on the deltoids, adjust the handles outward. 

The variance of your workouts will help you keep your workouts fresh and your muscles stimulated.


– Cardiac pulsation outlet by chest belt included.
– Multi-position handles to vary your workouts.
– 38 cm pedals with a slight inward slope of 2 degrees, which reduces stress on the ankles and knees.
– Two moving wheels: the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-S0637 Twist-In Stepper  is designed vertically.

It will allow you to easily store it and move it anywhere in the house.
– Bottle holder.

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