Stepper: the complete guide and reviews for choose the best

The stepper is a rather special cardio-fitness and fitness device . He is in charge of making you reproduce the movements you make when going up the stairs .

 That’s it and it’s just very effective in losing weight. Climbing stairs is indeed one of the most difficult movements of everyday life which, without you realizing it, helps to strengthen your body . 

The stepper is now used in many fitness and rehabilitation centers such as hospitals, physiotherapists, etc. 

Here is our buying guide presenting you the elements to take into account to choose your future stepper. depending on your use but also how to use it once acquired.

what is a stepper and why use it?

The stepper is therefore a cardio-training device made up of two ‘steps’. You put your feet on each of these two steps. Then a jack and resistance system allows you to simulate a step to climb . 

When you press the left step, the right step rises and vice versa. So you are using the muscles of one leg at a time.

Depending on the model, different features may exist such as difficulty setting, a timer to work exactly 30 minutes per day for example. Finally, some models offer a measure of the number of calories expended . 

Finally, the stepper is a very complete device because it allows you to work all the lower muscles. Sometimes some steppers even allow you to work your upper body muscles.

The different types stepper

There are a multitude of mini steppers. Indeed, since all athletic needs are different, it is essential to know all the types of models available in order to determine which type will best suit your training habits.

The classic stepper

There are actually two classic steppers: the mini stepper which is only composed of two steps, so it has a very small size, and the classic stepper which is larger because it is also composed of two ‘levers. These large levers allow you to remain stable and also to use the arms in your exercise.

This will prevent you from getting tired too quickly and losing your balance by getting tired. Classic steppers are the most common and meet the majority of people’s needs. Indeed the other steppers are more specific and correspond to much more precise needs.

The stepper twister (rotary)

The stepper twister is more specific and less widespread. It is actually bulkier than a classic mini stepper but allows you to work on the silhouette. This stepper is composed of a rotating handlebar that the athlete must hold.

Thanks to this handlebars, the entire upper body rotates and therefore works the muscles in the middle of the body, particularly the abdominals in addition to the lower muscles such as the thighs, calves or buttocks.

This device is therefore ideal for refining your figure while strengthening your lower body and maintaining your heart rate. Again the work of balance allows you a much better stability.


The stepper with elastic bands

The resistance elastic stepper is a classic mini stepper with two handles attached to the steps. This device therefore makes it possible to have both a strengthening of the lower muscles, and therefore of the legs, and a strengthening of the muscles of the arms.

The shoulders, biceps and triceps are very stressed with this device unlike other steppers. Using a stepper with resistance bands sometimes requires more balance, although these bands can also help you maintain your balance. This stepper is more exhausting than the others because it places great demands on two different parts of your body.

 The vertical fitness climber

Unlike other steppers where the steps do not have a very significant height difference, the vertical fitness climber simulates climbing a ladder. The steps are therefore really farther away on the device (vertically). You can use your arms again to facilitate movement.

The advantage of this exercise is also to get your body used to absorbing downhill wells and therefore strengthening parts of your body such as the knees. This type of stepper is widely used by climbing enthusiasts looking for a muscle strengthening device that matches their sporting practice.


The benefits mini stepper on body and health

A very complete fitness device, the stepper has many important benefits for use while maintaining a pleasant and very light experience.

It burns a lot of calories

First of all, the stepper has the advantage of burning calories like any physical exercise. This combustion is quite important here because the muscles solicited must be able to lift your whole body.

It is respectful of the joints

The stepper does not require shocks or sudden movements. Its use is even gentler than climbing a staircase which is sometimes bad for the joints. These devices have been designed with respect for the body and with a goal of getting back into shape, especially after temporary immobilizations. It is therefore quite understandable that they actually respect the human body.

It is effective for weight loss

By burning calories, the stepper therefore allows you to lose weight. Heavy heart utilization also helps you lose that weight by using fat from your whole body to pump out the energy you need. Straining other parts of the body such as the upper limbs also allows you to burn more fat.

Finally, these devices are ideal for the figure because the abdominals are very stressed. The stepper is not restrictive and it is possible to use it at many times of the day. It is therefore an ideal device for easy weight loss.

It improves the cardiovascular system

The stepper requires significant resources from the heart. It therefore solicits and allows the improvement of the cardiovascular system. Blood circulation is improved just as much as the respiratory system.

It effectively tones the gluteal muscles

As with climbing stairs, the stepper strengthens the lower muscles of the body and in particular the glutes, which are the junction between the upper and lower body and the abdominals. Daily training therefore allows rapid and effective toning.

The advantages stepper for fitness

It is very easy to use : The stepper does not require any training, no help for the first use. This device is completely intuitive and natural for any human being with two legs. In addition, you can use it for a few minutes every now and then without any problem.
It allows you to lose weight fairly quickly: Being able to be used very quickly, the stepper allows rapid fat burning. The work of other muscles, in particular the glutes and abdominals, promotes this weight loss.

The exercises are simple but effective : There are very few variations of the exercises however these exercises bear fruit and achieve goals very effectively.
It is ideal for daily physical activity : Being very easy to use and convenient to store in a house, the stepper is a device to be used without moderation for important results.

It is easy to store : The stepper is compact, it can easily be stored under a bed, or above a piece of furniture without any problem. Its small size is its great strength because many lower extremity weight training machines are very bulky and unsuitable for home use.

It is not expensive : The stepper has become widely democratized. Now, this device can be found in many sports distribution chains for a cheap price.
The muscles worked during a stepper session

The quadriceps

These muscles are the muscles most used when climbing stairs, especially when the leg bends. These muscles are, unlike the hamstrings, very enduring and are used over the length.


Other thigh muscles, the hamstrings are very explosive muscles that allow the quadriceps to lift the body while going up for a walk. These muscles therefore tire much more quickly than the quadriceps.

The glutes

The glutes are the highest lower limbs in the human body. They therefore control the entire lower body and, together with the abdominals, maintain a straight back and a harmonious silhouette.

Calf muscles

Finally, the calves are more difficult muscles to work. They only build muscle by isolating it most of the time. Few devices allow you to work both the calves and the other lower muscles of the body.

Some tips to lose weight with a mini stepper

The mini stepper should not be understood as a classic weight training machine. First and foremost, it should be used throughout the day, at least three times a day. However, do not make the sessions too short. The minimum is to feel the onset of shortness of breath . You can also use more formal sessions with a program such as interval training alternating periods of intense work and periods of rest.

Finally, do not forget that the stepper solicits your lower muscles in a sustained manner . It is therefore necessary to warm up (with a fitness jump rope for example) before using the stepper and to stretch quickly after using it. In the same vein as warming up and stretching, you should drink plenty of water before, after and during any exercise to help your muscles recover and develop.

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