Stepper Purchase Criteria

In the following, we would like to show you what factors you can use to compare and rate steppers before you buy. 

This will make it easier for you to decide whether a particular product is right for you.

In the following paragraphs, you can read what the individual purchase criteria are and how you can rank them.

The first purchase criterion: Resistance

The resistance of a stepper is a purchasing criterion that should not be neglected. 

It should remain constant at the same level and should not become uneven even after prolonged use. Hydraulic motors that produce resistance should not run hot during training.

The movement of the stepper should not freeze in order to allow an easy movement sequence for the joints. 

The resistance must therefore remain constant in order to avoid any irregularity. The hydraulic motors of most stepper motors are very sensitive and run quickly when hot. Therefore, the recommended duration of use should be observed.

Most times, this is 15 minutes, but it can also be up to 60 minutes. The interaction of hydraulic motors and magnetic brakes creates even better resistance, but the latter are usually not part of a stepper’s standard equipment.

Eddy current brakes offer a pleasant alternative they use to magnetic brakes and as an alternative to magnetic brakes in almost all walking steps.


The type of stepper

Depending on the model, you can vary a stepper in different ways.

 You should pay special attention so that you can improve yourself during your training and start at a level that is convenient for you.

Someone can usually increase aerobic steppers by 15–20–25 cm using plug-in constructions.

 Motorized steppers have equivalent resistance levels or adjustable step heights. Higher levels are suitable for more intensive and advanced training to tone your body.

The low levels are ideal for beginners and endurance training. In addition, training does not get boring even with constant movement. 

However, if you want to be even more free in your execution than just by varying the height, get an aerobic stepper.



The screen of a stepper is a purchasing criterion that should not be neglected. It should display all the important information for you. 

Depending on this, it could be time, steps, calories burned, stride rate and pulse rate.

The standard equipment of a step-by-step display is, in most cases, the sign of the time, your steps and the calorie consumption. 

The power steppers can measure your pulse by sensors integrated in the handles. Other details are, for example also your step frequency.

Some steppers use the sweep feature to automatically switch between these specifications during training. 

Especially with ministeppers, keep in mind that this information is not very visible during your training. Therefore, this equipment mainly applies to power steppers.


Maximum weight, another important purchase criterion!

The maximum weight varies between 80 and 120 kg depending on the model of the step. 

It doesn’t have to say anything about the quality of a stepper, but it should be suitable for your weight. Some steppers with a higher maximum weight receive better marks.

Steppers with a higher maximum weight are more robust than steppers with a lower maximum weight.

 I gave the maximum weight as a guide and is not an exact specification. 

However, respecting the maximum weight always guarantees a perfect functioning of the stepper.

 If your weight exceeds 120kg, you can switch to alternatives such as cross trainers.



A stepper should both remain stable on any ground and give you extra stability. Usually, the high quality can be recognized by anti-slip precautions and a special profile of the tread surface.

Straight quilt boards and ministeppers can risk slipping. Sometimes, we can use an extra mat pad for the quilt boards. Even better, of course, are the non-slip feet. 

The steel frame of a ministepper is more or less stable, depending on the weight and performance of the step. I can usually get a definitive judgment from customer feedback or device testing.



In principle, an excellent treatment is a mixture of stability and resistance. That the stepper is stable and that it works perfectly testifies to an excellent quality of execution.

The standard material for ministeppers, for example, is a steel tube frame, which must be non-slip and heavy enough. 

For aerobic steps the hard plastic of the step should be strong enough to withstand jumps.

Smooth movement and high-quality cylinders further show excellent quality. Many steppers only work with hydraulic motors. 

If you want to buy something even better, make sure that your stationary or exercise bike has a magnetic brake. This increases resistance and does not wear out.


Appearance, a purchase criterion not to be overlooked!

Of course, the appearance of a stepper often plays a big role for you and can be a very important purchase criterion. 

Sports colors can increase your motivation. The optics here have no relation to the prices of the steppers. These are often available in many colors and variations. 

Most of the time they are gray with black pedals and little red details. This simple design makes them both sporty and optically fit into any apartment.

If you don’t want to go without eye-catching colors, you will find a plethora of colorful combinations between aerobic steppers

It can also fit other steppers with colorful dumbbells or weight cuffs for visual variety.

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