Stepper: can anyone do it?

To maintain health, everyone should engage in regular physical activity. However, each person has a different physical condition and morphology. We find out in this article if it is possible for everyone to practice stepper .

Back pain
Knees and joints

The stepper, a device accessible to the greatest number

One of the advantages of the stepper is that it is very easy to use. This allows a large part of the population to be able to do it and to enjoy its many health benefits and effects. The stepper is a device that is suitable for the greatest number , for two main reasons:

The stepper is small and generally weighs less than 10 kilos: you can move it around without worries where you want, when you want.
It is small: getting on a stepper is simple (easier than on an exercise bike for example)
Steppers with handlebars exist: this guarantees perfect stability and balance.
The movements practiced on a stepper are natural: they reproduce the same movement as the one you do when going up the stairs.
The stepper does not require sudden, wide movements. In addition, you can completely set the stepper to a very low intensity in order to further limit the risks to your body.
As with any resumption of physical activity, it is advisable to seek the advice of your doctor before starting , especially if it has been a very long time since you last did.

However, there are cases where the practice of the stepper is less suitable.

The right stepper for everyone?

Back pain, fragile joints, obesity… everyone is different. While sport and physical activity are always good, not all cardio machines are right for everyone.

Stepper and back pain

Back pain is a disease that affects a very large part of the French and world population. However, playing sports is recommended when you have back pain. Certain sports are recommended when you suffer from back pain, in particular “worn” sports, such as cycling, swimming for example. On the other hand, sports which tend to “compress” the spine or which require too abrupt or violent gestures are to be avoided, such as jumping rope, judo, golf, squash …

Is the stepper suitable when you have back pain? The stepper is right between these categories! It is not a sport carried, but is not violent and can be adapted when you have back pain. Consult your doctor’s advice in all cases: all back pain does not have the same origin!

Stepper when you’re a senior

At any age it is important to maintain a certain physical activity. Obviously, some sports that you can practice when you are 20 years old are no longer so with age. The stepper is suitable for all ages, including seniors ! The natural stair climbing movement is suitable for practice when you are older. Likewise, it is possible (and even recommended) to get a stepper with handlebars when you are a senior, this allows you to constantly keep your balance on the stepper.

Stepper and obesity

In France, 17% of adults are affected by obesity problems, or around 8 million people. Unfortunately, the trend is not good and these obesity problems are likely to affect more and more people. However, one of the good practices to fight against obesity remains physical activity (coupled with a rebalancing of food).

The stepper can be adapted to obesity , but be careful! There are several stages of obesity, and in all cases here too, consulting your doctor’s advice is essential! For many mini steppers, the maximum weight supported is around 100 kilograms. In addition, a person suffering from too much obesity should rather favor sports carried (swimming for example…) which prevent the joints of the knees, ankles .. from suffering too much during exercise.

Stepper and pregnancy

Playing sports when you are pregnant is quite possible if there are no contraindications and the pregnancy is normal. Stepping during pregnancy is possible.

Obviously, it is not a question of doing just anything and not all sports are possible, but overall, many physical activities are possible: swimming, brisk walking, treadmill and stepper, exercise bike … It It is again essential to talk about it with your doctor and gynecologist before starting out and taking advantage of his advice. More than ever, listening to your body is the key: shortness of breath, fatigue, dizziness… Sport and stepper while being pregnant yes, but without taking any risks.

Stepper and joints, knees

The sports worn are logically more suitable for people who have problems with the knees and joints in the lower body (hips, knees, ankles…). These sports avoid stressing these parts of the body. But there again, the stepper can be considered despite some knee or joint problems … but it depends on each person!

Unlike the step, or the “stairlift” stepper machine found in the gym, the mini stepper hits the knees less and the movements are much “softer” on the joints. The feet and ankles remain glued to the steps of the mini stepper. Depending on the severity of your joint or knee problem, take the time to talk to your doctor. And above all, describe the difference between step, mini stepper and stair stepper; these devices can be easily confused …

In short, the stepper is a cardio device suitable for a very large number of people. But to benefit from all its benefits, and especially not to risk degrading your health, it is important to seek the advice of your doctor before practicing it regularly, especially if you are elderly, pregnant, if you have problems with back, if you have serious weight problems, if you have weak knees or joints.

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