Step, stepper and stairs: do they really work?

When we want to slim down and tone our buttocks, it is essential to adopt a healthy and balanced diet as well as physical exercises targeted on this area of ​​the body. Step, stepper or up and down stairs … There are many activities in the gym or at home. But do they really work? Can we strengthen our glutes by practicing them? Let’s do a check in.

If you want to have a beautiful butt, you need exercises to lose weight that are effective. The butt is in an area of ​​the body that is relatively easy to target with physical activity, and there is a lot you can do to make it slimmer. To lose fat in the buttocks, it is important to eat healthy and reduce our daily calorie intake if necessary . To tone it up, a physical activity centered on cardiovascular exercises (step, stepper, stairs) must be practiced.

Practice n ° 1: the step
The step is an activity accessible to the greatest number. It meets those who wish to maintain their shape, firm their body and refine their silhouette, without forgetting to tone their buttocks. Stepping, along with a step, involves moving up and down the step (placed on a flat surface) or around the step. In fitness clubs, step is often practiced against the backdrop of rhythmic music . Each session mainly works the muscles of the thighs and calves , thanks to lunge exercises, knee bends and small pulses. The arms are also reinforcedsince some exercises consist of coordinating them with the rest of the body. They are toned and never stand still. The higher the level of practice, the more impacts there are on the ground and the body will muscle more.

Like all cardio training activities, doing step regularly is excellent for building endurance . The cardiovascular system is called upon at a sustained rate: the breath is constantly improving and we maintain good physical condition. We also improve our coordination and work on our posture, since each step choreography requires synchronizing the upper and lower body to perform the movements correctly. The concentration is also at its maximum to follow the rhythm in a harmonious way.

In short, if you start the step, then it is important to take it slowly . We start with sessions between 15 and 20 minutes. Later, with more experience, we can lengthen the session between 45 and 60 minutes. Before going to step, we warm up our muscles and joints . After the session, regardless of its duration, stretching is done . These precautions are intended to prevent trauma to the knees or ankles.

Practiced regularly, the step helps to lose weight in the buttocks. Stepping slowly will intensify the overall workout, making it more focused on strength training. We also remember that if you want to refine your lower body, it is better not to raise your step. Conversely, if you want to build muscle, you set the step as high as possible.

Practice n ° 2: the stepper
The stepper is a compact and easy-to-use cardio training equipment . It acts effectively on fats and allows the long term to erase cellulite . The goal of the stepper is to climb infinite steps . Enduring the longer the training, the more the body will seek its energy in the stored fat, thus reducing the fat cells at the origin of the cellulite targeted on the legs and buttocks, if we adopt a rhythm of sustained walk.
With the stepper, we reproduce the movements that we usually perform when climbing stairs. You just have to stand on the machine, adjust the intensity of the movements and exercise your body. However, it is essential to keep an upright position and to relax your movements with each climb . This helps tone the thighs and buttocks. However, it is important to note that the stepper only works the muscles of the lower body . Weight loss will only concern this part. If you want to slim your upper body, it is best to combine the stepper with another physical activity, in addition to a balanced diet.

Practice n ° 3: going up and down the stairs
We don’t think about it often but we do sports when we go up and down stairs .
Indeed, walking helps strengthen muscles including the heart as well as coordination and balance. As proof, as soon as a person goes up or down a staircase, the calorie counter starts to turn in the right direction: 0.11 calories for each step up and 0.05 calories for each step down !
Thus, it is good to prefer the stairs to the elevators when you move on a daily basis as well as to regularly perform some small exercises at home to strengthen the lower body.

Exercise 1 :we go up and down the stairs in short strides, gradually increasing the pace to work the heart rate. This cardiovascular exercise strengthens the entire lower body (buttocks, legs and calves). To be carried out at least 10 minutes per day.

Exercise 2: By breathing slowly and making sure to put the feet flat on the one hand and to raise the knees to the height of the pelvis on the other, we swing the arms while going up the stairs. Make three series of ascent of about fifteen steps.

Exercise 3:Right, belly and buttocks contracted, arms flexible, we put the right foot on the upper step, then the left. We then lower the first foot on the lower step, the second and so on, quite quickly, as in a step exercise. To be performed about twenty times.

Exercise 4: We stand at the handrail. We put both feet balanced on a step, heels in the air. We press on the heels, without changing postion, then we rise on tiptoes. To be repeated about twenty times.

To get visible results, it is advisable to practice these exercises three times a week .

In short, whether we adopt the step, the stepper or exercises on a staircase, a regular practice, namely twenty minutes daily at least, is enough to make us lose our overweight and strengthen the muscles of the body . However, intensive practice of these sports is not recommended because it has the effect of strongly strengthening the thighs and buttocks, transforming our weight from fat into muscle. If one wishes to lose weight on the scale, it is strongly recommended not to overdo it.

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