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Taking the stairs instead of waiting for the elevator is a rather healthy and effective habit for moving… The step transforms this simple exercise into a sporting technique, as effective as it is fun.

Step: origins
Step in English means “walk”. But it also means “not”. The step is a sport which connects these two meanings in one and the same activity: to take different steps by their form and by their rhythm on a step on a rectangular platform. The step is height adjustable and non-slip. It is placed in front of you, or on the side lengthwise, and allows you to practice various exercises on a rhythmic musical support.

The step class is practiced in the gym, in a group, according to a choreography composed by the teacher. The step can also be practiced at home, by following the many videos available online.

Designed 30 years ago in the United States, step is a dynamic and complete sport . It puts a lot of stress on the cardio-pulmonary system. It also makes the muscles of the legs and buttocks work intensely. The abdominal belt as well as the chest and arms, which accompany the movement of the legs, are also concerned.

To strengthen the activity of this part of the body, weights are sometimes used.

The course lasts between 30 and 60 minutes. There are several levels of practice. Some courses are intended for beginners, others for more experienced people.


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Step: exercises
The step is based on a number of varied exercises, combined with each other, varying both the pace and intensity of the activity , and never leaving the body still.

Basic step
It consists of moving the right foot forward on the step, then the left foot at the same level as the right foot, and then moving back the right foot, then the left.

It is an exercise where you tap both feet alternately in double rhythm.

V step
In this exercise, each foot is moved forward alternately, placing it diagonally on the step.

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Benefits of step
Step is a complete sport, which works both the muscular and cardiopulmonary systems. It actually makes you lose weight. A 60-minute step class is roughly 500 calories less. In addition to working the body, it also works the mind. The sequences go quickly. It requires concentration and a lot of coordination.

Precautions to take
First of all, it is necessary to equip yourself with a good pair of shoes , which support the foot and ankle well, which are non-slip and absorb shocks. Clothing should be comfortable and light. We sweat a lot during a step class!

Don’t forget your bottle of water and drink it before, during and after the class . Avoid eating 2 hours before the session.

The step is not recommended for pregnant women at any time during pregnancy. It is also not recommended for people with a significant excess weight, as well as for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases . If you have a history of cardiac incidents, then it will be necessary to seek medical advice.

Sport during pregnancy: which to practice or which to avoid?

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