SASAMM Fitness Stepper Step Machine [2022 Edition ]

SASAMM Fitness Stepper Step Machine is a compact and versatile step machine with hydraulic rods for home gym use .

It comes with exercise bands that make it multi-functional to work your upper body and core area and your lower body like you’d expect from a stair stepper exercise machine with twisting action to help work your thighs and buttocks and giving you a challenging and deeper cardio workout, as well as a stair stepper exercise machine with twisting action to help work your thighs and buttock .

It is recommended that you devote about half an hour of your time each day to working out and maintaining a balanced diet in order to achieve the body you want.

It operates silently, allowing you to talk on the phone, watch a show or movie, or listen to music while exercising, preventing boredom and allowing you to exercise for longer periods of time.

 This is a low-impact exercise that won’t put undue strain on your joints or muscles, and you’ll get a good overall workout by going up and down in a side-to-side motion, simulating real stair climbing with the way your legs are placed on the pedals.

Underneath the machine is a black resistance knob that allows you to adjust the motion range and difficulty level.

The SASAMM Fitness Stepper Step Machine weights 8.1kg (gross), measures 9 x 18.9 x 18.9 inches, is lightweight and has a minimal footprint, and comes in white, black, and bright green.

Some people may not be aware of this feature and believe it only operates at the lowest motion range, although it is shipped to you in this manner to save package space and you can easily change it.

 This is a long-lasting device with a rugged and well-made look and feel to it, with a thick heavy-duty stainless steel bracket and base, and it’s easy to use stepping on its oversized anti-slip massage pedals, which will keep your feet securely in position when you’re working out, and screw plugs to avoid scratching during your workout. 

If you’re familiar with elliptical trainers, it feels similar to a lightweight and portable elliptical trainer with integrated tension change that you can easily switch from room to room.

Adjustable exercise bands will help you focus on your shoulders, back, stomach, triceps, and biceps while gripping your abdominals while moving your legs up and down and side to side in a twisting motion.

 It includes an onboard electronic LCD display panel/smart computer with standard indicators such as calories, time, count, and rep count-duration and frequency.

This is a well-designed, new, multi-functional, flexible, effective, solid, and long-lasting product at a reasonable price.


  • Material quality
  • Decent price
  • No squeaking
  • Board computer


  • For the moment no defaults

Klarfit, which has specialized in fitness equipment for many years, brought us a new stepper: the klarfit Powersteps II. We invite you to read our opinion on this stepper, so that you have all the cards in hand to choose your next device.

We had recently given our opinion on the Klarfit stepper and we were quite enthusiastic about this device. Now here are the characteristics of Klarfit Powersteps II.


Features of the SASAMM Fitness Stepper Step Machine

This stepper has many features that should delight more than one such as:

  • Several colors available (Black, White and Pink)
  • Weight: about 6.5 kg
  • Extensor length: 77 cm
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • LED display
  • Maximum weight supported: 100 kg
  • Different adjustable levels

Advantages of the SASAMM Fitness Stepper Step Machine

There are many advantages when using SASAMM Fitness Stepper Step Machine .

First, the quality of the material is always there, which is therefore important when you want to buy any product.

Indeed, if you buy a Klarfit stepper, you know it will serve you for many years.

In addition, precisely concerning the SASAMM Fitness Stepper Step Machine , we can say that the price is really attractive compared with the equipment present.

We also like the fact that the maximum weight supported is 100 kg , which is far from negligible. The same goes for example with the Kettler Silver stepper or the Ultrasport stepper .

Using the stepper itself is relatively easy, and the on-board computer is really cool and easy to use . 

You will control in real time the calories burned, the duration of your exercise session, and also the movements performed.

With this stepper, you can easily work your legs, your buttocks, and your back.

My opinion on this SASAMM Fitness Stepper Step Machine

I will not make you languish more than that, because I think this SASAMM Fitness Stepper Step Machine is really a brilliant device, which normally should appeal to quite a few people.

First, the quality of the material is really present, and it’s a big plus compared to other steppers that I have been able to test.

Indeed, when I unpacked this stepper, I immediately saw that I had an excellent device in my hands.

After extensive use, the stepper has never creaked, and this is also a real asset for me. Because nothing is more unbearable than having a stepper, that squeaks when you use it.

The price is also super interesting considering the quality of the material. We know what we are investing in, and above all, we know this stepper will last us for many years.

I know that is not an important criterion for some people, but I really enjoy being able to choose between different colors. I had chosen the white / blue stepper.

Using this stepper is relatively simple, and besides, its on-board computer is well done . 

In short, a good stepper that I recommend. You see you will also be thrilled with it.

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