Our exercise ideas for building muscle with a step

Stepping to music is reminiscent of the aerobics videos of the 80s where neon leggings and Flashdance gaiters were the order of the day. But it is also a very complete fitness and cardio exercise, ideal for building your lower body … while having fun! To start gently, here are two basic exercises to do with a step.

In the end, a step class is like climbing a staircase very quickly, for a very long time, without moving one iota.

In other words, it is a demanding sport, both cardio and fitness. Notice to beginners, coach Julie Ferrez teaches us how to master two basic exercises to build muscle with a step .

The samba on step, to build muscles while having fun
This step exercise allows you to combine sport and dance . We muscle in rhythm on our step with a four-step movement.

Place your legs on either side of the step, slightly apart. The exercise then consists of stepping on the step one foot after the other and then coming down one foot after the other. Right-left, left-right, right-left, left-right.

Be careful to stay on your tiptoes throughout the exercise and never put your heels on. Slightly lean the bust forward. Ideal for strengthening your legs and buttocks!

Strengthening your glutes with a step: the crab squat exercise
Encôôôre the exercise of the squat ? Well yes, because to have a shapely buttocks , a beautiful posture and toned legs, there is no better movement.

And the advantage with a step is that you increase the effectiveness of the squat tenfold, in the same way as the squat with an elastic band, for example.

Stand to the right of your step, left leg on the step and right leg extended to the floor. Lower yourself into a squat position with your back straight, buttocks well back and hands clasped in front of your chest. Above all, crush the heels as much as possible.

From there, push off your heels to jump over the step. You must arrive in the reverse position, ie to the left of your step, with the right leg on the step. During the jump, stay relatively low. You don’t have to pull your bust up completely.

Video of the day:

The more you stay flexed, the more the gluteal adductors are mobilized. The right cocktail to lose weight with the step !

Whenever you land in a squat position, remember to put your hands together in front of you.

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