Muscles in women

Here’s how to use the stepper to build muscle and lose weight.

We usually associate the muscular body with the male figure, but who said that women cannot have equal muscle mass and be able to show off a defined and harmonious body?

 The time has certainly come to dispel some myths and eliminate the erroneous conception according to which the female body with muscles is not very sensual.

Regardless of personal tastes that could therefore lead some women not to want a high muscle definition, weight loss and feeling at the best of their possibilities is an achievable goal and to make this happen.

You need to speed up your metabolism through the muscle training. 

Keep in mind that these develop in the female body at a slower rate than the male because of less testosterone in the body, so you don’t have to worry about overgrowing your biceps or abs if the idea doesn’t suit you.


When to train

The best time to train, although it may seem like a lot of effort, is during your menstrual cycle as estrogen production is higher than on other days. 

The hormone in question, which circulates in large quantities during the period of ovulation, helps muscle growth by stimulating the production of proteins.

But be careful if you use the contraceptive pill: according to scientific studies that analyzed groups of women who used it and others who did not take it.

They showed that in the latter there were more hormones for muscle development in the circulation, while the former had instead more cortisol, the hormone that deals with the reduction of muscles. 

So do not be too hard on yourself if the training does not give all the hoped-for results, as the birth control pill plays a significant role in this process.


How to train

The best way to lose weight is to engage in cardio, short for cardiovascular. These are all those aerobic exercises that burn fat through machines such as the stationary bike, the treadmill or the stepper. 

Alternatively, you can indulge in a healthy and economical run, which can be done whenever you want without having to go to the gym and pay a monthly fee.

 I should perform this type of training for at least 30 minutes every day, then gradually increasing as the body gets used to it.

When the weather is merciless, however, with rain and wind making the experience anything but pleasant, it might be a good idea to practice some cardio at home. 

What to do if you don’t have room for the large exercise equipment that is found in all gyms? 

In reality, there is a simple product to use even in not enormous places: the stepper. 

Even if you think you have never seen one, in reality they are very common tools, comprising a sort of handlebar and two separate platforms on which to place the feet.

The advantage of the stepper is to simulate walking, toning the muscles of the legs and buttocks, avoiding impact with the floor. 

We can also adjust it at will to train different muscle groups, higher for the quadriceps and lower for the glutes.

It should not be confused with the step, a simple step on which you go up and down to basically train the same muscles, even if in a less intensive way. 

The stepper is one of the best choices for those who want to practice more cardio but don’t have a machine at home.


Can you lose weight with the stepper?

The quick answer is yes, you can lose weight using the stepper, but that’s not enough. 

As all fans of physical activity will know, exercise alone does not lead to proper weight loss.

It is also necessary to associate a balanced diet that includes proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and everything that the body needs to function. 

Making a do-it-yourself diet is not a wise idea and you should therefore contact specialized figures in the sector, especially if you have metabolism problems.

The stepper, as anaerobic activity, will make you consume a lot of calories if used correctly.

So it may induce a greater feeling of hunger, but giving in and gorging on food as a reward for following a training program is not the best solution.


How to choose a stepper

To buy the best stepper for your needs, take into consideration several features. The first is certainly the possibility of setting different difficulty levels.

 The operation of the device foresees hydraulic pistons that can slide more or less with difficulty according to the selected level, so choose one that offers you the possibility of carrying out a progressive training.

The second element is instead the handlebar, which must not be excessively heavy but guarantee a stable support so as not to work the back during the exercise. 

Those who need to monitor all information, such as breathing, heart rate, calories burned, speed and so on, can also choose models with displays.

 However, consider that in this case, the purchase cost will be much higher.

Also remember to look at the maximum capacity of the stepper ( the best models ) and compare it to your weight, thus avoiding buying devices that may not be suitable for your build, also putting your safety at risk if any component breaks. 

If you do not want a too bulky device, you can also choose a stepper in mini format, very light and compact, easy to store in any corner of the house and usable almost anywhere.  


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