Do you already know this small essential fitness tool to firm up directly in your home? 

Find out what will make you go higher and higher … towards great shape!

We admit that it’s not always easy to find time to go to the gym. 

Now you don’t have to feel guilty anymore, now you can train at home and firm up your whole body ! 


Thanks to a small, effective fitness tool to keep fit all year round.


Keeping fit is essential, and every means is good to achieve this goal, even staying at home! 

Among all the fitness activities, the step, much appreciated and that you can have the pleasure of practicing both in the gym and at home, allows you to download energy and burn many calories

The concept is simple: you train on a step that allows for a wide variety of exercises.

 Its purpose? 

Improve physical condition and make the cardiovascular system work by causing an increase in aerobic capacity (increased resistance). 

With the step, you stress both the muscular and cardiovascular systems. Over time, breath and coordination improve.


To practice more occasionally but still get benefits, try the mini stepper , a small complete fitness tool to firm up the whole body.

 Contrary to the standard models, the mini version stepper has a separate function: it not only allows you to lose weight and do cardio work , but also defines and firms the lower limbs (buttocks, abductors, adductors, quadriceps, calves …). 

The small size is very practical for sculpting the body while staying at home.

 It is used simply standing on small steps, as if you had to climb stairs.


To keep fit, you have two models available: the Essential mini stepper tones the lower body thanks to the lateral movement of the pedals that work the lower body, thighs, buttocks and tapers the waist .

 Even more complete, the Twister mini stepper allows you to sculpt a toned body from head to toe. 

The integrated handles have a double function: to work both the upper and the lower part of the body .

They equip each tool with a counter that shows:

  • the weather,

  • the consumption of calories,

  • the number of steps climbed per minute,

  • the cumulative number of steps climbed.


Each stepper training session should begin with a warm-up phase lasting 3 to 5 minutes, more after age 50. Start each exercise with a gradual warm-up and end it with a return to calm. 

If you start too quickly, the risk of injury and of losing energy by moving incorrectly increases. Gradually increase the heart rate. Progressively develop stamina.

If you train every day, do 10 minutes of exercises. If you train 2 or 3 times a week, do 20 to 30 minutes and if you train 1 or 2 times a week, go to 60 minutes. 

For beginners, the intensity and duration of the effort must be progressive and adapted to their level, to have maximum effectiveness and safety.

At the end of each stepper session, do a calm down phase (effort reduction), followed by a relaxation phase. Start and finish each exercise with a stretching session. 

Stretching before exercise increases muscle looseness to avoid strains and injuries.

 Doing this after exertion relaxes the muscles and helps to avoid aches and pains. 

Stretch slowly and gently and hold each stretch for 30 to 60 seconds as you exhale.

With the mini stepper, you have everything to gain to tone up, waiting to get back to the gym.

 For even more effective work and to also work on the waist and abdominal belt, rotate your hips every time you climb the step. 

You just have to move and find your rhythm!

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