Mini Stepper: A Single Tool With A Thousand Benefits

Do you want to get back in shape but have little space? The mini stepper is the least bulky tool. Here all its secrets: exercises, benefits, best models.

That the mini stepper is a tool that is good for the whole body , already makes us understand the sports category to which it belongs, or that of cardio-fitness .

 Whatever one might think, in fact, the mini stepper is a complete toolwhich can be used, as desired, to train different areas of the body, as well as to tone, lose weight or strengthen.

 It is a small tool that uses the pressure of the body’s weight to simulate a walk and a run, and makes up a method for obtaining a 360 ° workout.

 In fact, something well known that walking and running are activities that shape the silhouette the most , firming every part of the body and bringing benefits to the circulatory system.

So, with a little commitment and perseverance, you can get excellent results directly from your living room , without moving an inch. 

In this buying guide we will review the benefits that derive from the use of the Mini stepper, the different exercises to do according to the needs and the best models of mini stepper for sale on the web at affordable prices. Ready? Street!


Mini stepper benefits: the body thanks

As mentioned before, the mini stepper is a great substitute for any other sport ,  able to make us sweat, slim down, but also allow our body to regenerate . 

The first physical system that will benefit from this exercise will be the cardiocirculatory one: the stimulus of training pushes the heart to increase its pulsations and to pump blood better in the veins. 

It is therefore an excellent workout for the heart that will come out stronger and longer-lived, as well as with certainly more regular pressure. 

In fact, if you have high blood pressure, the stepper is excellent for regulating the values, and the benefits gained during training will affect the pressure even in moments of inactivity. 

Finally, the use of this tool improves muscle capillarization , it increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the muscle .

Associated with these benefits, there are those of the respiratory system : a heart that beats faster needs more breath, and endurance is definitely a skill that you will train and refine with a mini Stepper

The result will be more air in your lungs, a smoother breathing rhythm and much less fatigue. 

Finally, it is worth mentioning they reflect how much sport and all these physical benefits in our mental serenity:” releasing tension” remains the most effective antidote to any foul mood. 

This is both because sport stimulates the production of serotonin, the so-called “happiness hormone”, and because the same deep breathing stimulates the hippocampus and regulates the hormone levels of our body.

 If improving your physical shape increases our self-esteem a lot, imagine what a feeling of well-being with all these extra benefits!


Mini stepper vs boredom: have you ever done it with music?

Many skeptics consider stepper training to be rather static and boring. In short: the polar opposite of aerodynamics. 

First, about this last point, we can intervene by making our workout more complete . 

This is possible simply by choosing a mini step model with rubber bands included , like the ones we will see later. 

It allows us to raise the level of difficulty and to stimulate the arms as well as to increase the stress on the back and abdominal muscles even more .

As for the boredom factor, however, there are some points related to the “sedentary lifestyle” of the tool that we can turn to our advantage

First, a good, sparkling backing track is the foundation of any satisfying and successful workout. 

Second, if you really get bored, you can still opt to watch your favorite TV series while you train! It is an advantage that will allow you to keep faith with your lazy spirit while doing good for your body! 


The mini stepper in 5 rules

Before seeing what are the exercises to do with the help of the Mini Stepper, it is good to know some rules that must always be followed, before, during and after using this tool. 

These are generic and specific rules, easy to remember and follow , which will avoid the risk of causing damage to the body, having discomfort and problems, and performing the exercises incorrectly. 

  • Do not train on an empty stomach : about an hour before training, it is good to eat a fruit or a snack to gain calories, i.e. energy. Exercising on a totally empty stomach could cause dizziness or even fainting, and is strongly discouraged as using the stepper is based on balance.

  • Always carry a bottle of water at room temperature with you. It is always important to stay hydrated , but even more so during training: from time to time, drink in small sips. 

  • Position the sole of the foot well :  the heel must never come out of the mini stepper platform. Someone must well align it with the edge of the same. If you do not position your foot correctly, you will not only train the wrong muscles, but will invalidate the whole exercise.

  • Push well with your heels. This rule requires some mental effort, at least in the beginning. You must concentrate and make sure that I directed the push of the leg muscles towards the heels , in order to carry out the exercises with the Mini stepper correctly.

  • Find a support for the arms . If you have a classic Mini stepper model that does not involve arm training, get yourself a chair or table high enough to rest your arms and unload the weight of the torso (it can tilt the back forward between 10 ° and 90 ° ). In the absence of anything else, you can also lean against a wall. What is important is not to burden the lumbar area or damage it . For a similar reason, i.e. in order not to compress the vertebrae of the cervical area , I must keep the head in line with the spine. Be generous with your body, as it is with you!

Mini stepper exercises: firm, strengthen, lose weight

  • Despite its small size and limited mobility, we can use the Mini stepper in different ways and it can serve different purposes. 

    Below, we will look at some exercises aimed at toning , weight loss, and muscle strengthening

    Let’s not forget, however, that every workout is more effective the more varied and full of exercises it is. 

    It is therefore advisable to perform all the proposed exercises , and also look for others online in addition. 

    • Mini stepper for buttocks:  5 ‘at an intense pace and 5′ at a slow pace . In the first phase, each step lasts 1/3 of a second, so to do two, right and left, it will take you 1 second. This means that it is unnecessary to sink the foot to the bottom, but limit ourselves to alternating the thrust force between the two legs, keeping the gap between the two levels as small as possible. In the second phase, however, each step on the mini stepper will last about 1/2 second. For this reason, the lunge is slow and must be completed to the end.

    • Mini stepper to lose weight: 5 ‘at moderate speed for warm-up (1/2 “per step),  30′ at fast pace (1/3″ per step) and another  5 ‘of cool-down (1/2 “per step) . 

    • Mini stepper to develop the calves : we position the foot halfway off the platform (from the plantar arch onwards) leaving the heels protruding at the back of the platform and we push only with the front part of the foot. 7 ‘to 10′ in this position at a fast or moderate pace is enough to tone the calves. 

Mini stepper exercises with resistance bands for the arms

To train the pectorals, it is necessary to draw a curve (1/4 of a circle) with the arms, starting from the sides (more or less at waist height), going down near the hips and rising to the front of the chest. 

To train the biceps, it suffices to start with the arms extended in front of us and then bend the forearms until bringing the fists to the chest. 

To train the triceps, you start with your hands joined at the height of the pubis and push your arms hard and, outwards. 

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