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I wanted to know if the stepper (small from home) can be useful for the upper glutes and how long the workout should last.
Thanking you, greetings.


Our response:

Hi Maria Teresa, thanks for the trust you have shown us by writing

The stepper, as you well know, simulates the ascent of steps of stairs, is a very valid exercise both for the cardiovascular system and for the muscles of the buttocks and legs.

By changing the position in which you perform the exercise ( see our related article: “the Stepper” ) you determine which muscles to focus the work on.

Even the ideal duration varies according to our primary purpose, in the sense that if we intend to train mainly the cardio-respiratory system.

We will have sessions with the lightest level of difficulty but with a very long duration, for the more proggrediti up to over a ‘

Now; on the opposite, for strength training sessions we will carry out training sessions with maximum load, but short, often divided into series, like the exercises that take place in the gym. 

The examples described above represent the extreme situations.

Usually, those who use the stepper seek a general improvement in the muscle tone of the legs and buttocks.

So our advice is to carry out three weekly sessions of about 40 minutes, of which the first five of warm-up at a low pace and with a very light load, 30 intense minutes .

The last five to cool down again at a low pace and with a very light load, all followed by stretching exercises. 

Obviously, the untrained will have to start with 15 minutes (5 + 5 + 5), to progressively improve, without haste, but with constancy.

We would like to advise you to read some of our articles on the subject, besides the specific article on the stepper mentioned above:


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