Leikefitness Twist Stair Stepper [2022 Edition ]

20 levels of high-performance air resistance + motorized magnetic resistance, backlit LCD / LED dual display, adjustable tablet support, 7 pre-programmed workout programs, Bluetooth, USB port, multi-grip handlebars, heart rate sensors (hand grips) contact), connection up to 4 users max.

Leikefitness Twist Stair Stepper [2021 Edition ]

The Leikefitness Twist Stair Stepper is ideal for those who wish to do cardiovascular strengthening and improve their endurance and resistance while doing full body (engages the muscles of the lower body and up to 80% of the upper body). 

It is made for those who do not have a lot of time and who like speed.




Motorized Air + Magnetic

Of programs


Max user weight

136 kg

Heartbeat taking

Touch sensors, optional chest strap




121.7 cm






67 kg

Carton dimensions

1.18 x 0.419 x 0.584 + 1.02 x 0.681 x 0.279 (L x W x H)


Leikefitness Twist Stair Stepper [2021 Edition ]

The Leikefitness Twist Stair Stepper is the evolution of the M7. It combines elliptical and stepper for ever more complete workouts: your legs, arms and abdominals are used.

It represents the top-of-the-range elliptical stepper TRAINER THAT BURNS 2.5X MORE CALORIES thanks to effective sports sessions IN 14 MIN .


– 20 resistance levels
High efficiency air resistance system + motorized magnetic, double resistances for smoother movements.

screen : displays calories per minute, training time, selected program, intensity level, heart rate.
4 user profiles possible.


7 training programs all varied which allow you to work intensely but also without shocking your body thanks to the flexibility and intelligence of the exercises: Manual, MAX 7 min Interval, MAX 14 min Interval, MAX 21 main Interval, consumption of calories, fat consumption, stairs.

BOWFLEX JRNY APP : Download the app for Max Trainer (English only) compatible with iOS and Android .

This application offers you feature to motivate you further: personalized training sessions that adapt to your needs and your efforts, a virtual coaching service, a virtual trainer .

It encourages you and helps you achieve your goals, video workouts (…) MAX talks to you and trains you, adjusting to your needs.


– Bluetooth compatible heart rate (optional belt)
– Handles Premiums Aerobars quality,
– USB port to charge your devices,
– bottle holder,
– Door adjustable shelf,
– transport castors,
– Power source: AC adapter included,
– Standard: EN-957-H.

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