KENL Stepper Multifunctional Sporting Goods Home Fitness [2022 Edition ]

The KENL Stepper Multifunctional Sporting Goods Home Fitness is an ideal fitness device to get back in shape and ensure the complete and effective workout of the whole body at home (glutes, thighs, calves, arms, shoulders).

This KENL Stepper Multifunctional Sporting Goods Home Fitness is ideal for those looking to get their move on.

This model works not just your lower body but also your heart thanks to its twist-based motion. It comes with handlebars to keep you stable, non-slip pedals, and heavy-duty construction.

The LCD monitor displays all the important workout data you need, such as time, calorie count, and more, to keep you focused and marching away.

Description: KENL Stepper Multifunctional Sporting Goods Home Fitness

The KENL Stepper Multifunctional Sporting Goods Home Fitness is a first-class home-use stepper that keeps you in shape every day.

Thanks to the special way the pedals move, the workout is like that of skiing or roller skating, stimulating all muscles .

The three chief advantages that make the stepper so practical and flexible are:

  • The height of the pedal adjustable

  • Adjustable handles

  • And a simple computer that displays the most important training sessions.

The set also includes two expanders that are used to activate the muscles in the upper body .

Anyone who cares about their health, strives to be fitter and wants to burn some calories , will not go wrong in choosing this stepper.

KENL Stepper Multifunctional Sporting Goods Home Fitness with adjustable handle …

Computerized training

The following functions are available on the stepper computer:

  • COUNT: automatic accumulation of training times
  • TIME:the total working time is displayed at the start of the training
  • STRIDES / MIN:current speed during training time
  • CAL:calories burned
  • SCAN:modify all the above functions in order

Adjustable pedal height

In the lower part, at the front, the stepper has a special adjustment that makes it easy to adjust the height of the pedals .

This function is used to make training more comfortable and to adapt the device to the characteristics of your body.

Adjustable handles

In order to adapt the device to a certain height of the body , there is an adjustment on the handlebar , so that the height of the handlebar can be adjusted in 3 steps.

Non-slip pedals

You don’t have to worry about your safety during the training. The non-slip surface fixes the feet firmly in the steps .

Expansion bands

The set also includes two expansion bands . These expand your training possibilities by activating the muscles of the legs, back and arms during training .


Technical data

  • Model: Hop-Sport Stepper HS-055S
  • Dimensions: 46 x 53 x 125 cm (LxWxH)
  • Pedals: 33.5 x 14 cm
  • Distance between pedals: 7 cm
  • Handle: maximum height: 125 cm / minimum height: 115 cm
  • 2x expansion belts
  • Expansion belts length: 88-180 cm
  • Weight: about 13 kg
  • User weight: up to 100 kg
  • Adjustable handle height: in 3 steps (5 cm each)
  • Category: Class HC (effective training at home)

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