KENL Fitness Stair Stepper Mini Stepper [2022 Edition ]

To keep in shape, the stepper is a really brilliant solution! It allows you to burn fat and to work your muscles. 

And if you thought they were only available in the gym, and good, think again! Several brands sell steppers specially designed for home use!

 Among the multitude of products available to you, there is the KENL Fitness Stair Stepper Mini Stepper. And if I’m telling you about it today, it’s simply because I just tested it!

KENL Fitness Stair Stepper Mini Stepper [2022 Edition ]

This complete and versatile KENL Fitness Stair Stepper Mini Stepper will allow you to exercise most of your muscles efficiently.

It can also remove unwanted fat! It has the particularity of being equipped with a console which discloses several information in real time. Besides, it features good design, stable and ergonomic!

It is certainly bulky, but it should not be too much in a large bedroom or living room. We also note a wonderful quality / price ratio for this sports device!

Presentation of the KENL Fitness Stair Stepper Mini Stepper

If the KENL Fitness Stair Stepper Mini Stepper seems unstable to you, then the Kettler Montana stepper can only satisfy you!

Equipped with grab handles, this stepper is ideal for everyday sports.

Its ergonomic design allows it to fit easily in a corner of a room, especially in a bedroom or in a living room.

 It is actually smaller than an elliptical trainer or even a treadmill. FYI, it measures 95 cm, 80 cm in width, for a height of 155 cm.

Mainly designed with high quality resistant materials, it ensures optimal stability. I want to clarify that it can support up to 110 kg.

To help you progress every day, the KENL Fitness Stair Stepper Mini Stepper offers 12 different resistance levels.

You can easily adjust them thanks to rings on the hydraulic cylinders. All this ensures that you train safely in original positions.

The pedals are independently adjustable to allow you an ergonomic movement. As for the handles, they are ergonomic and resistant to perspiration.

Technical characteristics

  • Training computer: LCD display

  • Resistance control: manual

  • Max weight allowed: 110 kg

  • Transport wheels

  • Heartbeat measurement: frequency measurement by earpiece,

  • Color: gray and red

  • Dimensions (L / W / H) 95 x 80 x 155 cm,

  • Weight: 34 kg


The major advantage of this stepper is that it comprises a high performance training computer. 

The latter is not only very easy to use but also very functional since it gives you various relevant information about your training.

Thanks to this monitor, you have the possibility to know the duration of your training, the frequency, the energy expenditure, the total height, the ambient temperature, the heart rate, the recovery rate with a fitness score between 1 and 6, the number of steps and finally the step rate with programmable sound signal.

Stability is another strong point . 

Indeed, the product being quite heavy allows optimal stability, unlike small size steppers. Tall and obese people can therefore train with no fear!

I have fitted the pedals with mini spikes in order to be non slip and to offer a plantar reflexology zone at the same time. 

This allows you to use this device with or without a shoe.

The inconvenients

This stepper is unfortunately one of the heaviest on the market. It is therefore difficult to move it from one place to another.

 I advise you to find a fixed place for it so that you do not have to move it regularly.

The price of the KENL Fitness Stair Stepper Mini Stepper is quite high , at least more than average.

My personal opinion

Honestly, I loved doing my workout with the Kettler Montana stepperIt turns out to be practical !

 Plus, you’re working most of your muscles efficiently. Not to mention that training also improves the cardiovascular system.

The console is much better than that found on other steppers , they indeed provide various relevant and above all precise information. 

The ergonomic handles will allow you to have a support in order to keep optimal stability during the entire exercise.

Imagine that this Kettler Montana stepper is currently available on You can therefore get it with just a few clicks. 

The product delivered to your home within days of ordering!


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