How to use a stepper

This article aims to give you more information on the function of a stepper , with some tips for using it in the best conditions.

4 tips for using your stepper properly

A flat surface

To use a stepper in the best conditions and above all to guarantee you a perfect balance during your exercises and to limit any risk, you must place it on a flat and stable surface.

Device settings

Before starting your exercises, remember to adjust the screen of your stepper if your device has one. Choose the preferred display mode before you start, to avoid cutting your exercise when making these adjustments, or at worst bending down to adjust it during the exercise and risking the wrong movement.

Adopt the right posture

Get on your stepper with your feet flat on the supports, and above all try to keep your back straight during the exercise. Avoid looking down too much or leaning forward. Despite its small size, knowing how to properly use a stepper and adapt the correct posture is necessary to avoid pain such as back pain.

Warming up

Like any physical activity, it is essential to warm up before launching fully. For the stepper, the warm-up can simply consist of 5 minutes of exercise at very low intensity, then increase it regularly and start your session in earnest.

Use your stepper according to your physical condition
Find the right intensity
Confirmed athletes and beginner athletes should logically adapt the intensity of their stepper. Start with a lower intensity and increase it as you go to find the right one. No need to start with too much intensity: you risk getting tired and stopping too quickly.

Adapt your exercises according to your condition

To use the stepper in the most efficient way, adapt your exercises according to your age, your weight, your physical condition. The great interest of the stepper lies in its versatility: exercises with low resistance and low intensity of movements are perfectly suitable for older people, or for overweight people. In any case, do not hesitate to ask your doctor for advice.

Like any cardio training device, the key lies in the regularity of the practice, the good use of the device according to your own condition, and the progressive efforts, little by little!

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