How to train better

Lose weight and gain muscle mass easily and without spending too much.

Having a balanced diet and physical activity are two very important dogmas for all those who want to have a fit body and live long.

 It is no mystery that unlimited food intake and a sedentary lifestyle have a long-term negative effect on the body, leading to problems such as overweight and obesity, which cause heart attacks, cardiovascular, respiratory problems and so on.

With this we do not mean that we must give up the pleasures of the table, but these must represent an exception to the rule and must be balanced by physical exercise. 

The best place to train is the gym. Highly specialized structures with professional figures to guide customers and innovative equipment that would be difficult to install in your own home.

Of course, the gym has a cost and not all users can afford a fixed monthly fee, so some prefer do-it-yourself training. 

Although this can be dangerous if not done carefully and under the watchful eye of an expert, some exercises have now entered the common imagination and are easily performed by everyone without risking getting hurt.

By now, everyone knows how to perform abdominals, crunches, squats, push-ups or lunges since they are bodyweight training that everyone has done at least once in their life. 

So don’t be too scared and get the tools you need to create your own training corner at home.

Exercises to lose weight

If your goal is to reduce waist size and shed excess pounds, it’s important to know that abs and pushups, however useful, won’t get you very far. 

The best way to burn calories is intensive cardio activity, such as running and skipping.

Users who live in the city, however, may have some difficulty in carving out time to go running outside. It would, in fact, be necessary to avoid smog or times when many cars circulate. 

Therefore, it is possible to run indoors if you have enough space to place a treadmill.

The roller, which can be magnetic or electric, will make you run on the spot, certainly more boring than a beautiful path surrounded by nature but still has the same effect. 

Those who dislike running or are not used to it can instead opt for rope jumping, just make sure that there are no objects, people or animals around you while you do your exercise to avoid any type of accident.

A last alternative for those who want to practice cardio within the home is Best Rated Stair Steppers, a gym tool available in different sizes, from the largest with handles and central support to the Best Cheap Stepper Machines that does not have it, which makes it easier to place even in a small space.

The stepper is a walking or stair simulator. Just place both feet on the platforms and start moving them while a hydraulic piston will simulate the right resistance to make you consume calories.


Is stretching important?

Before exercising, I usually recommend it to do some stretching. For those who have never heard this word.

It is a small preparatory exercise aimed at stretching and warming up the muscles to avoid cramps.

 The notion behind this theory is that muscles, from an inactive state, must first be supplied with blood to become ready for use.

But how is stretching performed? In reality, these are very simple movements, ranging from a simple jog on the spot to using cardio machines such as Best Stepper Machines and the treadmill.

 You can then do some twisting while standing, get down trying to touch your toes and any movement that slightly activates the muscles without exaggerating.

According to some recent studies, doing poorly stretching could even have a negative effect on the muscles, decreasing the strength of the same by about 30%.

 Therefore, avoid making it in excessive quantities or for over 10 minutes, after which time the effect becomes counterproductive.

What tools to use?

But to train at home, what should you use? One product that must never miss is the mat on which to lie down.

 It is the exerciser par excellence and if you want to train at home, you will absolutely have to get one unless you want to exercise on the cold and hard floor, at the expense of your back. 

On the market it is possible to find various, size, composition of materials and so on.

Our advice is to choose a mat that is not excessively soft but still able to create a comfortable surface.

 As for the thickness, it is good to remember that those from 1.5 to 3 mm are the mats suitable to be always carried with you, easy to fold and wash.

Those from 3 to 4 mm are the most common that you can find in gym, finally it designed those from 5 to 6 mm only for those with joint problems and if they do not fall into this category, I should not take them into consideration.

Make sure that the chosen product has a non-slip surface and that it adheres perfectly to the floor.

So you don’t have to fear that it will move during a complex exercise.

Not just mats

Those who want to create their own home gym will have to get some other tools for training, such as dumbbells with different weights. 

These can train the upper body muscles, not just the biceps and triceps, but also the chest and shoulder muscles depending on the exercise you will perform.

It is important not to opt only for two 2 kg dumbbells but also to get some heavier ones.

In this way, when the body is accustomed to the lighter ones and you will no longer struggle with them, you can switch to a higher weight immediately.

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