How to lose weight

All the steps necessary to embark on a healthy lifestyle that can make you lose weight effectively.

Losing weight is never easy, it requires a lot of perseverance and willpower.

So you have to face the problem of overweight decisively, otherwise you cannot get the desired results.

Having weight problems not only has an aesthetic impact but also has many implications for your health.

 Those who are obese or overweight, for example, are at much greater risk of having a heart attack and developing ailments such as diabetes and respiratory diseases. 

Having a healthy body, therefore, should be a priority that should not be underestimated.

The busy world we live in and the difficulty of finding healthy foods unless you take the time to prepare them makes it very difficult to lead a lifestyle that is as healthy as possible. 

Even just going to the gym after work becomes a real torture if you are tired or stressed. 

In reality, the human being is habitual, and it is enough to undertake an activity for a week to make it enter one’s routine and slowly it will become natural.

Start a balanced diet

The first step in losing weight is to create a balanced diet. Better to forget about the magical do-it-yourself diets you can find in magazines.

On the web and contact a specialized nutritionist who can, also through blood tests, determine which foods you should eat and which ones to avoid. 

We are not all the same and everyone has their intolerances and problems with certain foods, therefore it is imperative that a professional in the sector creates a diet for you to minimize the risks.

You can avoid fried foods, rich in saturated fats, excessive use of salt, which causes water retention and hypertension, reduce carbohydrates from bread and pasta while fruit in moderate quantities, yogurt, fiber that can be introduced with cereals, fish and white meats.

For those who are only slightly overweight, it is possible to follow basic guidelines that include the elimination of alcohol and smoking, gradual reduction of sugars and physical activity to be practiced regularly. 

Often these few tricks are enough to make the excess kilos disappear and the muscles tone up.


Physical activity

Physical activity is perhaps the only proper way to lose weight and get fat replaced by muscle mass. 

Practicing a sport or doing targeted exercises not only serves to have a defined body but also to ensure that it is in shape by reducing the onset of diseases related to the malfunction of the organism.

If you do not practice any sport, you can count on the old, dear gym, where you will have all the tools you need to perform various types of exercises, followed by an instructor who can recommend a training plan.

Usually, to lose weight, we aim for the activity called cardio, short for cardiovascular, since these are exercises that speed up the heartbeat.

Someone pumps faster than the blood, favoring the disposal of fat and burning calories accumulated with food. 

Cardio training, for example, includes running, which can be done both in the open air and on the treadmill if you live in a city environment and fear high levels of smog.

The treadmill, however, is not the only indoor solution. There are other gymnastic equipment such as the exercise bike and the Best Stair Stepper Under 500.

 Someone widely known the first while the second is a tool that simulates walking or climbing stairs

Thanks to a hydraulic piston that acts as a resistance you can adjust the level of difficulty and make the muscles and heart work according to your needs.

For users who want to adopt this solution even at home, it is important to note that there are also mini-steppers, which are very simple to place in any corner of your apartment, even if of a limited size. 

The best-selling stepper is that of Ultrasport, also equipped with a small computer that shows the time, steps and calories burned.

After the cardio exercises, however, it is essential to move on to those to strengthen the muscles of the body

For the latter, you can choose which part to train. Using the dumbbells, for example, you can train the upper body, such as pectorals, biceps, triceps, deltoids, and so on.

We used instead lunges and squats for legs and buttocks, as well as acting as an alternative cardio activity, so you can implement them during the initial phase of training to combine business with pleasure. 

Finally, for the abdominals and back muscles, it is recommended to perform crunches, or bends with twists with raised legs. 

This category includes a great variety of exercises, so it would be better to consult with your trusted coach to establish series suitable for your physicality.


Work out at home

Those who can’t find even an hour of time to go to the gym can practice physical activity at home, with some restrictions, of course, given the space available and the absence of special exercise machines. 

The ideal would be to set up a proper room for training, installing some devices such as a treadmill, a stepper, a multifunction bench and having a selection of dumbbells with different weights available. 

With these tools, you can perform both cardio and free body exercises to gain an enviable physical shape.

However, if you do not have all this space available, resize yourself and perhaps buy a mini stepper, some dumbbells and a mat of those used for yoga on which to perform abdominals, push-ups and any other type of useful exercise.


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