How to lose weight with a stepper?

A stepper is a small, inexpensive and easy-to-use home fitness device that can burn calories and help you with your weight loss program. 

While you shouldn’t rely on just one piece of equipment for your weight loss, a stepper can provide an effective workout that can boost your metabolism and burn fat. 

The variety of workouts you can do depends on your stepper design, but each should be beneficial after 15 minutes of use.

Step 1: stretching

Stretch for 5 minutes before using your stepper. The types of stretches you do are not important; stretching will warm up your muscles before you start aerobic exercise, reducing your risk of injury and discomfort. Don’t push too hard at the start, the goal is not to be a gymnast, but to wake up your body.

Step 2: the right resistance

Adjust the resistance of your stepper to one of its lowest resistance settings as you learn to use the machine. Most steppers have a dial near the feet or on the pistons that you can set to adjust the resistance. The more you choose a good stepper, the more you increase the chances of having levels with real differences in resistance.

Step 3: the ideal position

Stand with both feet on the stepper. While some devices can be used while sitting, you will burn more calories while standing because you are engaging more of your body. In addition, it is not the same part of the calves that work while sitting and the standing movements work more on the visible part of the calf, the part that shows people whether you are an athlete or a sedentary person.

Step 4: the place of the hands

Grip the handles of the stepper is optional for the upper body. Moreover, you find a good number of devices without handles. Do not lean or put weight on these handles, as this will reduce the intensity of the workout and you will burn less calories. Remember to put your hands on it so as not to feel pain in the wrists at the end of the workout.

Step 5: the leg push

Press down on the stepper, alternating legs. The movement should give the impression that you are climbing stairs. Swing your arms normally when you walk.

Step 6: fractional

Vary your workout with occasional low intensity “sprints”. This will keep your routine more interesting and also engage different muscle fibers for a more complete workout.

Step 7: increase the duration

Climb on your stepper for 15 to 30 minutes, increasing the resistance if you feel the exercise is too easy. Fifteen minutes on the stepper will burn 90 calories. It is therefore an activity that easily fits into your morning routine.

Step 8: work other muscles

Add upper body exercises to your routine as you progress. Hold small dumbbells in your hands or wear wrist weights when walking to burn even more calories and tone your arm and shoulder muscles. It should not interfere with your posture otherwise you will. The goal is not to wear as much as possible, but to have a variety of efforts.

Step 9: extend the session

Incorporate other exercises into your workout routine. By prolonging the session to reach an hour of sport 3 to 4 times a week, you put all your chances aside to lose weight and keep it off. Your training can include curls , push-ups, sit-ups, knee lifts, jump rope… There is no shortage of ideas!

Tips: the stepper is not everything

Combine a reasonable diet with your workout plan to lose the most weight.

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