How To Do The Stepper?

The stepper is a weight training machine. It is shown for the musculation of the thighs and also of the heart. 

Once activated, it allows you to climb an endless staircase. It’s like an uninterrupted climb of stairs

Only, you must always adopt the right position so as not to fall.

The basic rules of the stepper

Before buying a stepper, always inquire about the supported weight of the device. To start, place the stepper on a flat and stable surface. 

This allows for perfect exercises in perfect posture. The correct position is to stand up straight and keep it throughout the exercise. 

To correct exercises, keep your ankles flexible and your stomach tucked in.

From start to finish, you need to maintain good coordination. The pelvis and back should be straight, pressing hard on one foot and then the other.

 Thus, the exercise is like a race in place. It is therefore up to the runner to insist on the thighs so that after the heart is put into action.


What types of steppers to adopt?

I did exercises with the stepper. Since there are several types of this device, the choice is hard. The following indications help with the purchase:

  • A traditional mini-stepper is suitable for the home, being small and without handles; not very practical because of the limited range of motion;

  • An oblique mini-stepper with the addition of a lateral function, so the movements are more complete; an oblique trajectory from left to right and from bottom to top, for athletes;

  • An original stepper is the most advanced, because it is bigger, heavier, and therefore more stable. It is equipped with handles to hold it better during efforts and a console to adjust the type of workout to be done.

Anyone can use steppers. The chief thing is to know what aim is being sought. 

People who like or want to exercise rather intensively widely used the original stepper.


How to start stepper exercises?

For a better use of the stepper, it is always necessary to start with the warm-up. Such an approach is valid regardless of the type of device used. 

Ten minutes would do the trick; the duration being a function of age and physical conditions. 

Then, before you start, adopt a good posture and a perfect position. This will avoid harming the muscles and especially the heart. 

Positioning your feet correctly on the pedals will minimize pain while avoiding the risk of accidents. Then, press down on the pedals and no use of toes.

In order to make the heart work properly without tiring it, continuous exercise is strongly recommended.

 This is a series of various rhythms with various intensities. Everything is to be done gently, with no abruptness. 

This is the ideal pace for beginners and the elderly to do 2 to 3 times a week. It recommended interval exercises for people already started into the sport. 

Indeed, these exercises are based on the staggering of work and recovery sessions for about 45 minutes.

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