How To Choose A Stepper

Maintaining yourself in good physical shape is not only and not so much a matter of aesthetics as a vital necessity. 

Especially for aerobic exercise, which not only tidies up your muscles and normalizes weight but also has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. 

But not everyone can afford to regularly visit the gym. Fortunately, today there is an opportunity to provide yourself with a physical activity without leaving your home. To do this, you just need to buy cardio equipment. 

Let’s say a stepper. Or an elliptical. Wait, a second… So, is it a stepper or an elliptical ?

Despite the similarities, the load and overall muscle work on the elliptical trainer and stepper are significantly different. 

Although both machines simulate walking and running stress, you need to be clear about the purpose for which you are purchasing the device.

Let’s compare the strengths and weaknesses of a stepper and an elliptical trainer so that you can decide which is better–an elliptical or a stepper.

Also, pay attention to the specifics of working with these trainers and their effect on the body.

Appointment of a stepper

The stepper imitates walking, but not just walking, but walking up the stairs. The movements are as natural as possible.

The stepper is well suited for working out problem areas in women (and in men) and affects mainly the muscles of the thighs and buttocks. 

Classes on the stepper do not require absolutely any adaptation and preparation.

So it is great for beginners, as well as people who find it difficult to start right away with serious loads.

An elliptical trainer will force you to perform movements that are more like not ordinary walking, but a cross between skiing and pedaling while standing. 

You need to get used to this movement, and it takes more energy than working with a stepper

Not to mention the fact that almost all muscle groups work

Calorie burning occurs intensively, making the elliptical rightly considered the most suitable for those whose primary goal is to lose weight.

Stepper. Advantages and disadvantages

– Stepper advantages

The Best Rated Stair Steppers, especially if it is equipped with special hand stands, practically relieves the load from the back, while thoroughly loading the muscles of the hips and buttocks.

It is these areas that are most difficult to work through, and with the help of a stepper, working with problem areas becomes easy.

Also, depending on the position of the body during exercise, you can distribute the load to achieve specific results.

For example, if you keep your body strictly vertical while walking on a stepper, then the front surface of the thigh will work.

But if you lean forward, then you will load the back surface of the thighs and buttocks.

The Best Stepper For Home takes good care of your cardiovascular system, so it can be used even by people who have some problems with its ministeppers).

– Disadvantages of the stepper

Stepper as already mentioned, loads the cardiovascular system moderately. 

But if this is an advantage for a beginner, then for a person who is more experienced in relation to loads, this can become a disadvantage. 

The fact is that for a full-fledged aerobic training, we must maintain the pulse within a certain range. 

On the Best Cheap Stepper Machines, in order to bring it to the desired frequency, maintain a high rate of exercise, which not everyone can do.

Elliptical - Advantages and disadvantages

– Advantages of the elliptical

The ellipsoid also has special levers for the arms, which, on the one hand, relieve the back.

On the other, they load the arms and shoulder girdle, forcing you to make movements with your hands, similar to those of Nordic walking. 

For people with an enormous weight, it is important that when using an ellipsoid.

There is practically no shock load on the joints, which is inevitable during normal running, when you push off with each step and, especially, land. The entire body works.

– Disadvantages of the elliptical

The elliptical trainer requires developed coordination for training.

This means that you may need a few workouts to get a feel for how to distribute the load and how to move. In addition, almost all models of ellipsoids are rather big.

You can’t hide them in a closet or push them under a bed. This means that you want it or not, and the ellipsoid will become an element of your interior.

It at all fits in the apartment. The exception is folding models, but their choice is limited and they are not suitable for everyone.

For example, in such models, the maximum permissible weight of the user is often limited.

The stepper and the elliptical complement each other perfectly. Therefore, if you have such an opportunity, it is worth purchasing both simulators.

If you decide to limit yourself to one of them, we hope we helped you decide.

How to choose a stepper: all about parameters

So what is a stepper? The name of the simulator comes from the English word “step”, which means “step” in translation. 

The simulator is a two-pedal device. The stepper pedal, unlike the pedal of a bicycle or exercise bike, has a large area that allows you to put your whole foot on it.

Steppers vary in several ways. First, there are steppers and ministeppers. In a nutshell about each of the types.

Ministeppers are compact devices, very popular because of their low price and the possibility of using them in small apartments.

They are so small that they can be easily hidden and retrieved. With a modest size, they often have very wide capabilities.

The disadvantage is the lack of support, so for some exercises you have to lean on pieces of furniture or on a wall. 

The steppers are a complete trainer with a palm rest . In many models, this support allows you to receive additional stress on the arms, shoulder girdle and abdominal muscles.

The stepper is almost always equipped with electronic devices for monitoring various characteristics (more on them below). 

Its dimensions are much larger than that of a ministepper, but folding models can sometimes compete in compactness.

Stepper design

By design, there are classic rotary steppers, as well as stair-type steppers. The so-called balancing steppers stand apart.

Classic stepper

In this version of the stepper, the pedals move strictly up and down. Their axes are horizontal.

Such a stepper affects a few muscle zones, but this effect is more focused. Most often, ministeppers of the budget segment have such a design.

Rotary stepper

The pedal axles are angled so that I slightly inverted the foot with each step. 

This load is more dispersed and more actively uses the muscles of the inner thighs, calves, as well as the muscles of the press and back. 

They sometimes referred pivoting steppers to as a design that includes a palm rest that rotates about an axis, which forces the user to rotate the body alternately to the right and left when walking.

Ladder stepper

This version of the stepper does not have pedals. An endless belt with steps, something like a very short escalator, replaces them. 

The advantage of this simulator is the maximum natural load, since this design absolutely accurately simulates walking up the steps. 

The disadvantage is the high price and decent dimensions. For this reason, they rarely purchase such simulators for the home, but we can easily find them in gyms.

Balancing stepper

This type of stepper functions like a two-pan market scale. 

When working on it, your weight constantly shifts to the right and then to the left, due to which it well worked the muscular corset of the body out. 

Also, exercises on a balancing stepper have a beneficial effect on the vestibular apparatus and improve the sense of balance.

Stepper load type

By the type of load, we divide steppers into mechanical and electromagnetic.

Mechanical stepper

In this stepper, they create the load by sealed cylinders in which the pistons move. The hydraulics are good for their autonomy: for such a simulator to work.

It is unnecessary to be connected to the mains.

 Because of this, we often use mechanical loading in ministeppers, which are often transferred from place to place, or in budget models of classic steppers. 

The disadvantages of this option include the noisy operation of the pistons and the inability to accurately adjust load.

Electromagnetic stepper

Here, the load is created by electromagnets, which make it possible to precisely control it. 

This is undoubtedly an advantage, along with the quietness of simulators based on this principle. However, the price for such simulators will be higher than for mechanical ones.

In addition, during training, they require a constant connection to the mains and they are very voracious in terms of electricity and are quite cumbersome.

To close design features, we will mention one more characteristic.

Dependent and independent stepper pedals

All steppers, depending on the pedal travel, are divided into two groups:

Steppers with dependent pedal travel

In such simulators, a mechanical link rigidly connected the pedals to each other.

 If one pedal goes down, the second one rises at that moment. In this sense, they are like exercise bikes. 

Why such steppers are good: they are more reliable, simpler in design. But, I set the load the same for both legs.

Steppers with independent pedal travel

More versatile, as they allow you to adjust the load for each leg separately. 

This can come in handy if one leg is not fully functional, such as while recovering from an injury. These machines are more expensive.

I equipped some stepper models with resistance bands to train the muscles of the arms and shoulder girdle.

Let’s sum up

You open the page of the online store and see the Best Cheap Stepper Machines, which is better? 

Maybe you should choose an ellipsoid? And if a stepper, then which stepper is more reliable–rotary or classic?

  • For steppers, they usually limit the maximum user weight to 130 kg. If you weigh more, get professional models.

  • If you rarely complain about your physical condition and you just need an inexpensive unit for your morning warm-up, buy a mechanically loaded ministepper. It is better if it is swivel and equipped with resistance bands–this will save you time for training.

  • If you want to control your workouts, but the budget does not allow you to purchase a full-fledged stationary simulator, buy the Best Folding Stepper Machine with a built-in computer. There are models that, in terms of functionality, are quite close to professional ones. Your wallet will not experience a shock load.

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