How to adjust a stepper

A mini stepper is an easy to use and practical cardio training machine. However, like any sports device, you need to use it efficiently to accomplish your goals. The stepper is no exception to the rule, you must take the time to adjust it in order to make the most of it!

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Adjust your stepper by changing the intensity
Steppers are made up of footrests that you press to simulate climbing stairs. The higher the intensity, the more difficult it will be to finish your movement; you will then have to expend more energy with each press.

It is possible to adjust the intensity of these steppers in the vast majority of devices that you find on sale. The stepper intensity adjustment is usually done via a simple dial.

Be careful, however, there are low-cost models that do not allow you to adjust the intensity of the stepper. In this case, the intensity is always the same. Depending on your level of training, your weight, not being able to adjust the intensity of your stepper can be extremely disheartening. If you are a beginner in the practice of the stepper, and you are not athletic at the base either, you may have a lot of trouble the first sessions, and especially a lot of trouble to do it for a long time.

I therefore advise you to check the presence of a dial (or another means) that allows the adjustment of the intensity of the stepper you want to buy. Do not hesitate to consult the comments and product reviews; often this kind of question is asked. If this is not the case, and no mention of the presence of adjustment is indicated in the description, choose instead a stepper from another brand or from the higher range.

Choose the intensity
You have a stepper whose intensity is adjustable. To know which intensity to choose, I advise you to start with a fairly low intensity.

Obviously, your morphology and your physical condition will count in the adjustment of your stepper. Naturally, a person who regularly practices running and who weighs 80kg will start with a more important base intensity than a person of 50 kg who wishes to start a physical activity …

If your goal is to slim down and lose weight, you will opt for longer stepper sessions, from 30 minutes to about 1 hour, without ever being out of breath or sweating too much. Then try an intensity that you consider low in relation to your physical condition, then test the stepper for about fifteen minutes. Depending on your condition, you can then adjust your stepper more precisely .

For goals related to improving aerobics, the stepper sessions will be shorter (between 20 and 30 minutes for example), but will be much more sustained. The intensity must then be stronger. In the same way as before , start with an intensity that you deem acceptable and adjust it until you find one that allows you to carry out your session in a sustained way until the end, but always having fun!

And don’t forget that while the first sessions can be strenuous and difficult, the more regularly you do, the easier the exercises will seem to you. You will find yourself increasing the intensity a little after just a few sessions 🙂

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