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All the cheap gym products to create a do-it-yourself gym at home.

That exercise can only be done in a fully equipped gym is a pretty good hoax. While the gym provides plenty of machines, devices and a lot of space.

It can also be uncomfortable for those who have to go after work or early in the morning. 

The situation becomes even more unmanageable if the gym is far away and you cannot reach it with a car or you have to be accompanied by someone sometimes.

It can be a real hassle, pushing even those with the best intentions to leave it quickly.

Not that the gym is not an ideal place to do physical exercise, because often those who go there are followed by specialists in the sector who know how to best advise you on exercises, series and routines to apply to improve your fitness in compliance of any pathologies. 

Therefore, if you suffer from some back problem, for example, it is always better to consult with a professional who will not make the situation worse by subjecting you to harmful exercises.

Those who want to drop a few pounds but don’t want to commit to the gym can equip themselves with a small home corner dedicated to physical exercise. 

There is no need to set up a special room. You just need some space for a mat and you can start your bodyweight exercises.

Useful products for home exercise

The savings on the cost of the gym membership will have to be invested in some small tool that can make your life easier. 

The simplest way to lose weight is to do cardio, or cardiovascular, resulting from aerobic exercises.

Those who do not have space to place a treadmill at home and run daily need not worry, as there are alternatives that could be for you. The first is the jump rope, a simple tool that doesn’t need a lot of space.

If even the rope turns out to be too bulky, hitting furniture or furnishings with its movement, do not despair. 

On the market, you will find cordless skipping ropes equipped with a digital counter that records the movements, calories burned, jumps performed and so on. 

The training in this case, however, will all depend on your honesty.

Do not make fun of yourself then moving the sensors without jumping as it will be to the detriment of your physical well-being.

Step and stepper

Two other allies of those who practice aerobic activity at home are the step and the Best Under Desk Stair Stepper, not to be confused with each other since they are two different tools. 

The step is a small step made of original materials that must be positioned in front of you and on which you have to go up and down, perhaps keeping a rhythm to stimulate cardiovascular activity.

It is not uncommon to use the step with music to keep time and make the exercise less boring as it will become a bit like dancing. 

On the step, you can go up front, side and shoulders to train the different muscles of the legs, thus revealing itself to be a versatile and easy-to-use product.

The Best Stair Stepper Under 500 is slightly different. It could almost be called a walking or stair simulator and is used not only for aerobic exercises but also to tone the muscles of the legs and buttocks. 

The steppers on the market have different configurations but the main device, that is, the two platforms on which to rest the feet, are never lacking.

 If you want to buy a more cumbersome one, you can use a support for the arms and handles to cling to, alternatively, for those with a very limited space, you can opt for a mini stepper equipped with only footboards.

However, the latter must be used near a wall, so that you can lean on without the risk of falling. 

Those who want to invest in a new stepper can also choose technological ones, with a display that shows calories, time, number of steps per minute and so on.

The mat and the handlebars

What you can’t miss at home is a training mat. The most popular are the classic terry ones for doing yoga and that you can find rolled up in any gym.

 It is an indispensable object because it acts as a protective material if you lie on the floor to perform abdominals or push-ups and are usually composed of soft microfiber, polyester and nylon.

It is not possible to use a towel or a surrogate to save something on the purchase cost as it specially designed the exercise mats for training and will avoid complications in your back and limbs. 

This is an almost obligatory expense, but if treated with care, they can last several years.

We can replace the handlebars with water bottles. When you want to get serious, however, buy at least two pairs of different weights. 

The dumbbells are mainly used to train the muscles of the arms and the most common are those of 2 kg each.

Our advice, if you already have some experience, is to buy dumbbells that allow you to change the weight by inserting special discs into the central bar. 

The more inexperienced ones can count on those with a fixed weight, available at very low cost. 

Other tools

Your budget, the space available and how much steeper training gives the limit you intend to do.

Those stated above are the basic tools for carrying out cardio and bodyweight exercises.

But this does not mean that you cannot equip yourself with other tools, such as a multifunctional bench.

It can able to help you perform different exercises, medicine balls to strengthen muscle mass and resistance bands to do some stretching.  

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