Does the stepper work the buttocks?

Each cardio and fitness device allows you to work on specific parts of the body and enjoy different benefits. Some people want to build their upper body muscles, others their thighs, calves, and many sportswomen (yes, it’s mainly women, we’re not going to lie to each other) want to work their buttocks. So, toning and building the buttocks part of the many benefits of the stepper ?

Strengthen your buttocks with the stepper

The stepper is one of the most effective cardio fitness equipment for building muscle and working the glutes . This is one of the benefits of the stepper that many fitness equipment envies …

On a daily basis, climbing stairs allows you to work on different parts of the body, especially the thighs, calves and buttocks. The purpose of a mini stepper is precisely to reproduce this movement of climbing stairs.

The advantage of the stepper is to be able to reproduce this movement “up the stairs” at home, in front of a film or a series for example. It’s clearly a little more motivating than going up and down the stairs of your building fifteen times, isn’t it? Not to mention that not everyone has the opportunity to use stairs every day.

Why is the stepper effective for working the buttocks?
When climbing stairs, you alternate between stretching the buttock and then contracting it. It is precisely this stretch – contraction couple that allows you to work the buttocks. All the gluteal muscles are worked with the stepper : the gluteus maximus (this is the main muscle, the largest), the gluteus medius (located on the side) and the gluteus minimus (less developed, deeper). In addition, this exercise is perfectly natural since it reproduces an everyday movement.

The medium-term result is very visible. The buttocks are more muscular, they are much firmer, toned , you gain muscle mass. In addition to this benefit, stepping regularly helps combat saddlebags and reduce the orange peel appearance so dreaded by women.

What are the limits of the stepper?

The stepper allows you to work, build muscles, tone your buttocks during your sessions, without forgetting of course the other muscles used, especially in the lower body.

However, don’t forget that the stepper is above all intended to be a cardio training machine. And as the name suggests, the main interest is the work of your cardio. You improve your cardiovascular system ultra effectively: this is its major asset. Obviously, the different muscles solicited, and in particular the glutes, will still be toned and drawn effectively over time. It is quite difficult to target a specific area while stepping (as on other cardio devices): this would require, for example, to modify the load to be lifted, or to make changes of pace for example … complicated is not- not?

If, on the other hand, you really want to target and strengthen the buttocks only, you should do some supplement exercises in order to work more precisely on this area. There are many exercises that allow you to exercise the glutes: in addition to the stepper, your goal will be reached very quickly! 

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