Does the stepper slim down or make the thighs fat?

Despite all the many benefits of stepper practice , a question often comes up in the minds of people who want to get started. Will the stepper refine the thighs, or on the contrary will they grow bigger and take a lot of volume? Let’s see this quickly!

Yes, the stepper refines the thighs …
The stepper is a cardio training device. And as you probably know, the practice of an endurance sport, cardio training, will have the main effect (and objective!) Of burning calories. From about 30 minutes of exercise, your body will start to draw on its fat. Naturally, with the regularity of the sessions, you will tend to slim down in general, by losing fat.

The practice of the stepper will allow you to refine your thighs (and your legs), to give them shape and tone. You will draw your thighs and obtain a more elegant and harmonious silhouette. By practicing the stepper, you will draw your thighs, refine them while losing the fat on them.

But there is a condition to benefit from this benefit by stepping, to achieve it and not obtain the opposite effect, that is to say gain volume and muscle your thighs too much.

… But you have to use the stepper!
To refine your thighs, draw them, and not gain volume while practicing the stepper, you should always favor fairly long sessions at low intensity .

Why ? As said before, it is only from a minimum of 30 minutes of training that the body will start to draw on its fats . To get there, you need to focus on low intensity sessions. This is for two reasons:

with a low intensity, you will be able to stepper for a longer time: 40-45 minutes, even 1 hour. This long session will not only burn calories, but also effectively lose fat.
the muscles of your thighs will not gain volume and will not grow, since you will not force very little on your thighs during the session.
To have positive results on your figure, the key obviously lies in regularity (3 sessions of 35-40 minutes per week is a good pace).

On the other hand, if you perform short sessions (15 minutes for example) at very high intensity, you will certainly burn calories, but:

you will not give your body time to draw on fat,
at high intensity, you risk fat thighs since you will build them enormously.
triple effect: by gaining a lot of muscle, you also risk gaining a few extra pounds, since muscle weighs more than fat. And often, the goal of sports practice is to lose a few pounds …
To summarize, yes the stepper refines, shapes and tones your thighs if you favor long endurance sessions at low intensity (at least 35-40 minutes) and on the contrary will have the effect of enlarging your thighs if you perform training sessions. short but high intensity workouts.

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