Are you a beginner or intermediate level cardio sports fan? So, you owe it to yourself to have a stepper at home! 

The stepper is this little fitness device that allows you to climb stairs for hours and hours. The movement reproduced is therefore the movement of climbing stairs. And some devices are so developed that they reproduce the step wonderfully.

 It is clear that it works quite well and if you were looking for steps to climb, no need to go further by going to the stands of the football stadium or spend hours in your building climbing the floors. , with the mini stepper you climb stairs in your own living room.


The movement of the stepper is basic. This consists in pressing with his foot, more exactly with the tips of his feet, on wedges which are each connected to a jack. 

The resistance may be different depending on the type of actuator system used: hydraulic actuator, pneumatic actuator. 

The feeling of effort will also be different. You have to test to see which system will suit you best.

You should know that there are also mini steppers that mix a pushing movement with a rotating movement that seems more natural for some practitioners.

 Also, some steppers offer a resistance rope system to exercise the upper body while exercising the legs. 

In any case, it’s up to everyone to make up their own mind by trying these different types of steppers one by one.


There are machines on the market which are very expensive and which are quite realistic as to the movement reproduced. With these machines, you really have the impression of climbing real stairs

The downside, except that these are overpriced, is that they are quite bulky. To be purchased only if you have a dedicated gym at home.

In the opposite case, and if you do not want your wallet to cry out for help, you can acquire a mini stepper such as one of the models presented on the muscle-up site . This device does not take up any space. 

It will slip easily under furniture or fit easily in the corner of a room in your home when not in use.

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