Choose The Stepper With Prudence

The stepper is a device designed for cardio-fitness that offers a static version of climbing stairs. 

An up and down movement that involves the same movement and the same effort simulates the up and down movement of one step on site. 

The structure of the tool is simple: two pedals that move up and down, and only in particular models can they also perform lateral movements.

The stepper was born in 1985 to simulate the activity of climbing stairs which is healthy for the body from both a physical and cardiovascular point of view.

 It has offered the possibility of installation in the home, as for the exercise bike, and in fact it took up little space and to be easy to use.


All models have a handlebar to lean on and a display that shows all the useful information about the workout we are doing: time, heart rate, calories burned, and a series of pre-set programs to choose from to optimize your workout. 

There are no limits to using the stepper, if not a preventive medical examination as for any other sport, and the knee joints in good condition.

 It is true in fact that the points on which we act are thighs and buttocks, but the movement affects the knees and it is therefore important that they are not already compromised.

Therefore, we have said that constant and well-planned exercise with the stepper helps to slim down the ‘lower’ area of the body, the Achilles heel of most women. 

It is useful because it helps to improve both muscular, cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, thus affecting the whole body.

The abdominals are also involved if the position in which they perform the exercise requires the contraction of the abdominal band. Let’s see this position:

  • hands or arms resting on the handlebars bent

  • torso leaning slightly forward,

  • tense abdomen so as not to accidentally compromise the back,

  • pelvis in.

These are the general characteristics, but someone can modulate simply it by moving the weight of the legs. 

For example, by leaning backwards, there is a greater work on the muscles behind the thigh, while placing the feet slightly off the pedals and bending forward a lot, the activity on the buttocks is stressed; and again, by slightly lifting the toes, we act on the calves, which are involved intensely.

And this to tone and muscle exercise. 

To conclude that if you choose to demand programs and regulate the resistance rigidly, the stepper can also be a means to train from the point of view of strength. 

One thing is ‘climbing stairs’ with minimal resistance and much more having to push each pedal up and down with force, because the pedals are hard and do not move with a light pressure.

On the cardiovascular-respiratory endurance front the stepper is one of the cardio-fitness activities, because even if set on a low program, in the sense of not too demanding, it stimulates the increase in heart rate to productive levels from the point on. 

In view of physical well-being and calorie reduction. To gain is the physical condition not just the various parts of the body affected by the movement.



They reduce the stepper models offered by the market to three macro-categories:


This is the most sophisticated type, from both a structural and aesthetic point of view. First, the frame is reinforced, so the steel tool rests on a solid and reliable base. 

The entire structure is extensive, imposing, and suggests stability and safety. 

The on-board computer is large and sophisticated, designed to offer the most detailed information possible about training, analyzed in every single specificity. 

Particularly rich is the choice of programs to use to train properly, it can be said that the resets cover the entire range of possibilities.


This is the simplest model, made with solid hydraulic pistons that allow basic movement and little else.

 It is the version usable by the wider public, because it has everything you need, from programs to indications of calories, everything you need to train at your best.

 In addition, always to optimize the training, additional accessories are often available, such as elastic to be used to train the arms along with the thighs and buttocks.

 In the gym or at home, the ministepper is practical, handy and easy to use.


This is the traditional model mentioned above, enriched with the possibility of making oblique movements, as the name implies. 

Not only up and down but also sideways, in order to make the tool more competitive and complete, unlike the others that require supplementary exercises on other machines to complete the workout.


They are not the same, although the name is similar. We know the stepper by now: two pedals, solid pistons and performance limited to up and down movements and to the maximum side.

 The step is instead a single step, used equally with a view to physical and cardio-vascular improvement, but in different ways and logics.

If, in fact, both involve the reclamation of the lower part of the body, therefore of the thighs and buttocks, the step also acts on a global level, because it ‘does not forget’ the upper body and provides for it through compensatory exercises. 

Impossible exercises on the stepper, where the arms are essential to give balance to the body and to vary the intensity of the movements.

The step also allows you to vary the training thanks to the choreographies, which intervene on the monotonous repetition of the same movement by introducing more or less elaborate steps in order to combine fun and training: but the goal and the effects are always the same.

Both the step and the stepper are born to tone the thighs and buttocks. 

If the step is more creative and fun, the stepper is more ‘safe’ if it allows to control the cardio-vascular dynamics thanks to the heart rate monitor, which is typically part of the stepper’s ‘kit’. 

The latter also has the advantage of being small, manageable and usable without problems at home and in the gym; the step instead needs a gym and instructor.



We are determined to buy the stepper to use it at home, because we have time problems or we don’t enjoy going to the gym.

Here, in order to orientate among the offers on the market, besides considering the parameters of solidity, robustness, developed computers and many accessories to monitor training.

It may be useful to refer to well-known brands in the sector, to be sure to combine physical exercise with quality.

Where exercises are carried out at home, it is always good not to skimp on the price too much and be wary of improvised brands, in order not to risk making a simple training experience potentially harmful.




The TURNER brand was born in 1997 and immediately distinguished itself for the offer aimed at a private user, for the home environment, and for a range of modern machinery supported by advanced technology. 

More than words, concrete examples may be worth, which speaks the language of quality combined with the ease of use of a tool that must be within the reach of non-experts who want to train safely.

Wide Stepper

Its logo “As small as it is practical”. It is really not bulky. It takes up a small space and yet it has everything you need, as if to say small but fully equipped. It can withstand a maximum weight of 100 kg, is equipped with non-slip platforms and a modern liquid crystal display that shows a lot of information: time, calories, steps covered for each minute, training programs.

Stepper ST2000

Its logo “The king of fitness”. Here too, small footprint, reinforced pistons, liquid crystal display, richness of functions for the console. In addition, it is foldable, making it even more functional from the point of view of space.


Founded in 1908, it has established itself as a leader in the production of home fitness equipment. The Cyclette © brand is yours. Among the first to devote himself to home fitness, Carnelli combines a passion for sport with body care and creates products in which the search for a technology that reflects the style is the basis of his philosophy.

Basic ministepper Non-

Slip platform, hydraulic pistons, pedal height change mode, LCD display, detailed sign of calories, time, number of partial and total steps. For users up to 100 kg in weight. Available in black only.

Ministepper cross

The characteristics are the same as the basic model, only in addition there is a voltage regulator that allows the increase and reduction of resistance, with the obvious repercussions on the intensity of training. Available in black or silver.

Ministepper twist

Here, the novelty is the possibility of adjusting the handlebar in height, which, combined with the mobility of the pedals, makes it flexible and suitable for different training for thighs and buttocks. Available in black or silver.

ER- Rovera

E.R. Rovera specializes in the production of finess tools, which it sells online, where a detailed showcase of its items is available.

Basic ministepper

It is portable and ultralight, with large and non-slip footrests that guarantee balance and stability. It can bear a maximum weight of 75 kg.

Ministepper twister

This model has made the most of the possibilities of movement, to allow training of both abductors and adductors and buttocks. The workload is adjustable during the effort, the resistance system is compression and the footplates for resting the feet have the particular twister effect that stimulates the work of the leg muscles. The computer is multifunctional. It can bear a maximum weight of 90 kg.


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