[ 2022 Updated] 10 Best Stepper Machines

What is the best home stepper? What are the steppers and what must be considered before buying?

Here are all the answers and the best steppers for home and mini steppers for home fitness.

You know you should exercise, but finding the time to do so is challenging with everything else you have on your plate.

Looking for a simple method to add some aerobic activity to your at-home fitness routine? Take a step forward, stepper machines.

The greatest stepper machines provide a very adaptable piece of training equipment that can be used and stored conveniently at home.

It’s suitable for people of all fitness levels, and it’s a low-impact workout, so it’s ideal for people with delicate joints.

A stepper machine is a wonderful way to tone your glutes and legs by simulating the movement of ascending steps.

You may supplement your exercise with some strength training by purchasing a stepper with resistive bands that will also target your core and arms.

The ease of owning your own stair stepper or home stairmaster machine would definitely be helpful in this situation.

The convenience of working out in the privacy of your own home whenever you choose is undeniable.

What is less clear, however, is the ideal option for a step machine in 2021.

Here, I’ll go through some of the greatest stepper exercise machines and help you select the right one for your budget and demands.

Among the easiest home fitness tools to use (and less bulky) we find the stepper, perfect for aerobic exercise, to keep fit effectively and not too demanding.

The stepper is an exerciser that simulates the movement of going up and down stairs. 

Used in cardio fitness, it offers multiple benefits, takes up little space, and is therefore perfect for home use.

10 Best Stepper Machines -2022 Updated

Now that you have clearer ideas on what are the benefits of using the stepper, to make the purchase easier for you, we list those that are the best home steppers chosen for value for money.

Though many people sigh when faced with an additional flight of stairs, the exercise of trekking upwards step by step is a wonderful leg and glute workout.

Stair climbing machines, which come as moving stairs, up-and-down foot pedals, or even vertical climbers, simulate this workout (or task) by combining lower-body and upper-body movement.

Stair climbing is one of the best low-impact exercises you can do at home or in the gym, so investing in a stair climber may help you build lower body muscle (and upper body muscle, depending on the climber you choose) and burn calories without having to do those high-affected jump squats.

There are many stair climbers available, ranging from simple stair stepping motions to those that combine stair climbing with treadmill and elliptical motions.

With so many styles and functions to select from, you’ll be able to find a stair climber to meet practically any budget or space.

To give you a sense of the terrain, we’ve reviewed a few of our favorites and selected some of the best for you to consider.

The models that it is worth buying with the certainty of buying an excellent product, functional and at the right price.

Rank#1: StairMaster Gauntlet Stair Climber

StairMaster 8 Series 8G Gauntlet Stepmill Stepper Exercise Machine…
  • USB PORT: charging port for software updates and device charging. Cables not included
  • BLUETOOTH: connectivity for user workout data tracking


The StairMaster Gauntlet Stair Climber is one of the best home steppers for spending the right amount and training abs, legs,, and buttocks. 

This stair climber is 30.5 inches wide, which allows it to pass through most doorways while yet feeling large enough to keep you stable as you climb.

The Stairway is self-powered, so all you have to do is start stepping for it to turn on.

You may adjust the speed of the steps using the up and down buttons on the display, and the machine’s closed loop control maintains the speed constant even when you get tired and lean on the grips.

Because the bottom step is only 11 inches off the ground, almost anyone can use this machine.

Though it will fit through most doorways, The Stairway is a gigantic machine that will take up a lot of vertical area.

So be sure your ceilings are tall enough to handle 75.5 inches (plus a portion of your own height that will tack onto that once you board).

It doesn’t take up much space, and you can place it in a corner of the room, or in front of the TV for exercise. 

The pedals are already mounted, just assemble the arm and the handlebar, and it’s ready to use. 

The StairMaster Gauntlet Stair Climber stepper includes a monitor that counts the steps and calories burned, and the movement of the pedals is lateral. 

The maximum weight is 100 kg, and being the stepper equipped with a height-adjustable pole, it is also very good for tall people.


  • Maximum weight of 100100of 100 kg

  • Dimensions when assembled 47x43x130 cm

  • Ergonomic non-slip handlebar

  • Height adjustable

  • Monitor counts steps / calories

StairMaster Gauntlet Stair Climber

Rank#2: Multisports ST-2200 Stepper Machine

Multisports ST-2200 Stepper
  • Friction Free Electromagnetic Eddy Current Resistance, Independent Stepping Action
  • Patented “Silent Drive” Mechanism, Wide Self Leveling Pedals


Suitable for those looking for a mini fitness stepper for up & down movement, the Multisports ST-2200 Stepper Machine model is one of the smallest and least bulky tools to buy for the home.

The pedals, about 29 cm long and therefore suitable for those who do not have enormous feet, are equipped with hydraulic pistons with a good level of resistance.

It will immediately seem a bit too much, but which after a few minutes of training will be very pleasant.

With this handy small stepper machine, you can keep track of your training progress.

The sturdy, steady frame has a rubber protective shell to protect wooden floors and is ultra-compact, so it takes up little space.

The digital monitor keeps track of your success by measuring your exercise duration, step count, and calories burned, as well as allowing you to adjust the level of resistance for easier or more hard workouts.

As one fan put it: “I’ve used it a lot, and I’m not a light person, so it appears to be really durable and silent. I’m also short on space, so this is an excellent piece of fitness equipment for me. Gives you a good cardio workout while also strengthening your legs.”

The Maxi Climber includes handles and pedals for both your hands and feet that move together to generate a full-body motion that burns calories and builds muscle in your lower body, upper body, and core. It mimics more of a rock-climbing motion than a stair-climbing motion.

The machine itself is extremely light, flexible to fit a variety of heights, and tiny enough to fit into tight locations.

The Maxi Climber’s most admirable feature is that it is a fraction of the price of more typical stair climbers.

While many more expensive options have fancy touchscreen displays, this stair climber focuses on the burn and foregoes the technology in order to keep the price low.

The small screen shows the training time count and calories burned. Once the session is over, hide it under the bed and it will be virtually invisible.


  • Home step trainer ideal for training legs, hips, buttocks and chest

  • Wireless training computer with time sign, number of steps per minute, scan and calories burned

  • Hydraulic cylinders that ensure a comfortable and uniform training program

  • Extra large non-slip pedal

  • Sturdy metal frame

  • TÜV / GS certified fitness equipment

Multisports ST-2200 Stepper Machine

Rank#3: Bowflex TreadClimber TC10 Stepper Machine

Bowflex Treadclimber Series
  • Item may ship in more than one box and may arrive separately
  • Four separate LCD screens with four electronic functions speed, distance, time, and calories, 4 MPH max readout speed


To be used for many types of aerobic exercise, the Bowflex TreadClimber TC10 Stepper Machine home step is good for those who want the traditional step to simulate up and down stairs and burn calories.

Though this machine looks like an elliptical, it can also function as a stair climber, treadmill, and elliptical–if you don’t have room in your home for all three machines but enjoy all three workouts, this machine is a wonderful alternative.

The pedals move straight forward and backward in the treadmill stride.

The pedals likewise go forward and backward in the elliptical stride, although their route is slightly curved compared to the treadmill stride; and the pedals move vertically in the stepper stride.

You’ll be able to find a class on iFit no matter which mode you choose, and lucky for you, your purchase includes a free one-year membership, giving you access to over 16,000 live and on-demand classes.

It’s worth mentioning, though, that this machine’s adaptability comes at a high cost.

 They can set three different heights, 10-15-20cm and the non-slip surface of the stepper is 68 x 28cm.

 It is not equipped with an anti-slip under the foot, but it remains firm during exercise both on tiles and on wooden floors.


  • Height adjustable stepper from 10 to 15 cm

  • Ideal for cardiovascular training, fitness and to keep fit

  • Dimensions: 68 x 28 x 15 cm

  • Stable and space-saving structure, easy to store

  • Non-slip feet for use on all surfaces

  • Stepper board with high efficiency exercise instructions

Bowflex TreadClimber TC10 Stepper Machine

Rank#4: ProForm Cardio HIIT Elliptical Trainer

ProForm Cardio HIIT Trainer
  • Go to ifit/activate to redeem your one month iFit membership and activate your equipment for unlimited workout programs and experiences
  • iPod compatible audio, 7 inches back lit display, 32 workout apps, 24 resistance levels, 5 inches elliptical stepping path with 10 inches vertical


For those in search of the best high-end stepper and have no space problems at home, we recommend the ProForm Cardio HIIT Elliptical Trainer.

The Sunny Health & Fitness Stair Stepper is a simple alternative with a lot of movement, with two non-slip adjustable foot pedals attached to a single rod with adjustable handlebars to accommodate height.

This machine is easy to pick up and move into small areas to make room for other equipment because it is so light.

The stabilizing ring at the bottom of the machine, despite its small size, prevents the machine from swaying as you pedal.

You can increase your cardio effort by taking short, shallow steps, and the machine provides additional resistance when you take higher steps to simulate a steep climb.

Although the little display shows step count, time, and calories, it isn’t as complex as other other climbers on the market, which helps to keep the price cheap.

Unlike other cheaper models, with this tool you can adjust the intensity of the resistance of the pistons, and the handlebar, ergonomic and foldable in different shapes to satisfy all needs.

The movement is up & down only (it is not oblique) and the integrated computer allows the display of time, steps, steps / minute and calories on the screen.


  • Resealable stepper

  • Maximum load 100 kg

  • Tool weight 19 kg

  • Hydraulic piston effort adjustment

  • 12 intensity levels Computer LCD

  • Open dimensions 75 x 43 x 131 cm

  • Closed dimensions 100 x 39 x 20 cm

 ProForm Cardio HIIT Elliptical Trainer

Rank#5: StairMaster SM3 StepMill

StairMaster SM3 StepMill
  • Smaller but just as tough as the commercial version sold into health clubs
  • Climbing stairs is one of the most efficient and effective cardio and strength workouts


The StairMaster SM3 StepMill with handlebar is recommended for those looking for an oblique stepper.

This machine resembles a treadmill, but its two treadles allow it to function as a treadmill, elliptical, and stair climbed all in one.

This machine burns more calories, works more muscles, and provides an overall better workout than using just one of the three machines separately .

Because it has two separate treadmills, called “treadles,” for each foot that move in the forward motion of the treadmill, the stepping motion of a climber, and the fluid motion of the elliptical all at once.

However, the guarantee on this machine is very limited, at only three years, implying that it will need to be replaced sooner than most other pieces of fitness equipment.

It supports 100 kg of maximum weight and weighs only 12 kg for simple movement around the house.

The maximum height of the handlebar is 1.24 meters, adjustable to a minimum of about one meter.

The computer can count the steps per minute, calories and exercise time.


  • Stepper with oblique movement

  • Handlebar adjustable in inclination and height

  • Resistance steel cable on pulley

  • Double hydraulic pistons

  • Maximum load of 100 kg

  • Dimensions 66 x 48 x 106 (h min.) / 124 (h max.) Cm

 StairMaster SM3 StepMill

Rank#6: Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster

Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster, Polished Alloy
  • Five Year Consumer Warranty, One year institutional warranty
  • Cast Airframe Grade Alloy, Weighs only 14 lbs, Withstands weight in excess of 400 lbs


Here is a step from home with elastic bands for exercising the legs and arms at the same time.

This isn’t your average stair climber; instead, it’s a total-body vertical climber that works your arms, legs, and core during HIIT workouts.

To climb, you must move both your arms and legs, rather than only your legs, as with a standard stepper or stair climber.

This machine will challenge users of all heights, with self-generating power and 16 levels of resistance–simply change the handlebars to one of four settings to fit your size.

It’s easy to slide this machine into a small spot because it’s so narrow, and if you don’t want it out once you’ve finished using it, its transport wheels make moving it into a closet or garage just as easy.

 The Kettler Montana Stair Stepper is an oblique stepper with lateral movement, to tone the hips, legs, buttocks and abs. 

The resistance is good. The tool provides an excellent level of training and intensity to see results on a physical level after daily use. 

It takes up tiny space. Once the session is over, you can hide it under the bed. The integrated computer measures, stores and displays calories, steps and exercise time.


  • Stepper with elastic for thighs and buttocks

  • Dimensions: 420 x 3100 x 210 mm

  • Non-slip steps to maintain a stable position.

  • Moving up and down

  • Console with 4 functions: step paths, duration, frequency and calories consumed

  • Elastics included

Rank#7: Avari Programmable Stepper

Avari Programmable Stepper
  • Handrails with sensors to monitor heart rate
  • Motorized tension control provides smooth motion


For cardio exercises at home and to tone your legs, arms, buttocks and hips, here is an economical stepper recommended for weekly exercise, less suitable for daily exercise because the build quality is not that of the more expensive models. 

With this stepper machine you can use in the comfort of your own home, there’s no reason to skip out on exercise.

While the resistance bands work on your upper body, arms, and shoulders, the stepping routine tones and strengthens your thighs, glutes, and hamstrings.

You may push yourself with this stepper machine by altering the resistance and increasing the intensity for a more intense workout.

It also has a built-in LCD panel that displays how many steps you’ve taken and how many calories you’ve burned.

For those who weigh little and use it once or twice a week, the Avari Programmable Stepper with bands is a valid ally to stay fit and burn calories.

The resistance level of the pistons is good, and the non-slip pedals have a good grip. On the monitor you can view the calories, the step counter and the time traveled.


 Avari Programmable Stepper

Rank#8: Jacobs Ladder The Stairway GTL Stair Stepper

Jacobs Ladder The Stairway GTL Cardio Stair Stepper Climber
  • Frame: Welded Tubular Steel
  • Stairs: Steel with Polyvinyl Tread


The Jacobs Ladder The Stairway GTL Stair Stepper is an excellent model for those on a tight budget, useful for exercise up to three times a week, and with good build quality. 

You don’t have to sacrifice your fitness just because you work from home. Use this handy little stepper machine to shed those excess pounds, even if it’s only for 15 minutes a day.

The computer in the machine counts your steps, displays time, and informs you how many calories you’ve burned.

The hand grips will work your upper body, but someone can remove easily them if you don’t wish to use them.

When not in use, the design is also foldable, making it convenient and easy to store.

The front knob allows you to adjust the height of the step and the resistance of the pistons is suitable for everyone, but if you use it very often, it will soften.

 The stepper can support up to 100 kg of weight, offers only vertical up & down movement, and is suitable for toning the buttocks, thighs and legs.


  • Stepper with hydraulic piston braking system

  • Maximum user weight 100 kg

  • LCD computer

  • Vertical movement

  • Non-slip footboards

  • Dimensions 45 x 35 x 24 cm

Rank#9: StairMaster Gauntlet Series 8 StepMill

StairMaster 8 Series 8G Gauntlet Stepmill Stepper Exercise Machine…
  • USB PORT: charging port for software updates and device charging. Cables not included
  • BLUETOOTH: connectivity for user workout data tracking


The StairMaster Gauntlet Series 8 StepMill is a side stepper suitable for beginners, for those who want to use it at home and for those with feet up to 43-44 of shoes. 

The hardness of the resistance is good for beginners, it is not too light and not too hard, and allows a continuous training without straining immediately.

If you think you’ll need the extra support for balance and want to work out your arms as well, choose a stepper machine with a handlebar frame.

The folding design is ideal for when it’s in use because it won’t take up too much space, and when it’s not, you can effortlessly fold its frame for storage.

This machine’s frame makes it ideal for newbies who are taking their first, ahem, steps into the world of stepping.

It comes with an LCD panel that displays the time, count, and number of calories spent.

 It has a maximum capacity of 100 kg, is well built to last and is not noisy at all.


  • Stepper with 2 Expander elastic bands (included)

  • Training computer and LCD display that displays: elapsed time, calories burned and number of steps per minute

  • Automatic shutdown 

  • Steel structure and non-slip rubber feet

  • Dimensions 36 x 19 x 41cm

  • Weight: 6.5kg

  • Bands length 77 cm

  • Maximum capacity up to 100 kg

StairMaster Gauntlet Series 8 StepMill

Rank#10: Sunny Health & Fitness Twisting Stair Stepper

Sunny Health & Fitness Twist Stair Stepper Machine with Handlebar –...
5,022 Reviews
Sunny Health & Fitness Twist Stair Stepper Machine with Handlebar –…
  • DIGITAL MONITOR: The convenient digital monitor displays: count, time, calories, total count and scan.
  • STEPPING HEIGHT: Switch up your routine between steep climbs or quick high-intensity shallow steps. The higher the steps, the more resistance is generated.


This is a useful 2-in-1 stepper for anyone who wants to train legs, shoulders and arms at the same time.

The Sunny Health & Fitness Stair Stepper & climber simulates the movement of the climber and is very suitable for those who want a single tool that performs different functions.

With this stepper machine, you can lose weight, improve your cardio, and build your body muscles all at the same time.

It also comes with elastic bands to tone your upper body.

The machine keeps track of your workout and performance by displaying you how many reps you’ve completed, how long it’s been since you started, how fast you’re going, and how many calories you’ve burned.

We can then analyze the data to see how you progress between sessions.

Is there a bonus? It’s small, making it simple to transfer from room to room and store when you’re done.

 Suitable for more intense fitness exercises than a simple stepper, this model is the right one for developing the muscles of the whole body, such as during climbing.

 Foldable when not in use and easy to hide behind a flattened piece of furniture.


  • Multifunctional stepper for legs and arms

  • Simulate intensive training climbing

  • Height adjustable in 5 positions

  • Folding

  • Maximum weight up to 120 kg

  • Non-slip design

  • Multifunction display

What are the benefits of the stepper?

Exercising with the stepper helps the vascular system, the aerobic system, and the burning of calories.

Oxygenation, lactic acid disposal, weight loss, toning of the legs, calves, thighs and buttocks are essentially the greatest benefits that the constant use of the stepper can bring.

Let’s see what are the existing steppers and what are the characteristics.


Types of steppers

  • Stepper. It is the most complete model, composed of a steel structure and therefore more robust, complete with pedals and handlebars and able to allow a higher excursion. It allows a more intense and complete training; they equipped it with a more advanced on-board computer with more functions, which allows you to better monitor your training. I used these models in gyms and also for home training.

  • Ministepper. It is the model designed specifically for home fitness. They are smaller and more compact, designed to have a minimal footprint and be easy to use anywhere, as well as practical to store. They are equipped with a small on-board computer with the basic functions to monitor the training and are composed of only the pedals to which it is possible (on some models) to attach the elastic bands to train the arms.

  • Oblique / lateral ministepper. It is a ministepper with the addition of lateral movement. Besides the classic top-down, they provide the possibility of oblique movement, thus making the training more complete. They are basically a variant of the mini stepper, have more or less the same compact size and the same prices, with the addition of this extra feature.

Buying a stepper: 5 considerations to make before buying

It takes a combination of research and knowing what you want in a stair climber to find the correct one.

Because there are so many various types of stair climbers on the market, it’s vital to think about your area and the type of workout you want before deciding.

Your Personal Space

Stair climbers come in a wide range of sizes, from those that are over 6 feet tall and take up a 5- by 3-foot footprint on the floor to those that are half that height and take up half that footprint.

Besides the amount of space a piece of equipment takes up, you must consider the durability of your floors and the impact the stair climber will have on them.

Larger, heavier equipment will certainly have a greater impact on your floors, whilst lighter equipment will have less of an impact.

Take measurements of your room, assess the durability of your floor, and decide whether you want an exercise mat to place beneath your climber, as well as how large it should be.

Workout Style

While the most typical stair climbers (those with moving steps or foot pedals alone) focus only on the lower body, as if you were ascending actual stairs, other vertical climbers have included arm movement for a total-body, rock-climbing-like workout.

While vertical climbers provide a hard workout, people looking for something more relaxing — or a way to exercise while reading or watching TV — should opt for a more classic stair stepper machine.

The total-body vertical climbers are the best choice if you want a machine that will make you sweat the most.

They’re fantastic for HIIT workouts, cardio endurance, and muscle targeting in the lower, upper, and core.

If you only want a low-affected lower-body workout, the conventional stair stepper is the way to go.

Stair steppers are a terrific way to increase lower body muscle while also raising your heart rate; however, you won’t be working as hard as you would in a vertical climber.


Stair climbers come in a wide range of pricing, with just the ones on this list ranging from $100 to over $5,000.

The less expensive solutions will obviously provide less advanced equipment that is often smaller or less robust, whilst the more expensive ones will provide high-tech touchscreen displays, possibly giving compound stair climbing actions, as well as great stability and durability.

Consider where you’re spending your money and whether it’ll be worth it for you before grabbing the lowest option.

If you only need a compact stair stepper to fit in a corner and use occasionally, the $100 option would definitely suffice.

If you’re going to use this machine every day as your primary form of exercise, spending a little extra money on something more durable or high-quality may be worthwhile.

With so many types and functions of stair climbers on the market, we had to perform some extensive research to compile this list.

Here are the criteria we used to select some of our favorites.


Stair climbers are ideal for usage at home since they are low-affected, frequently narrow, and allow users to read a book, watch TV, or speak with family while exercising.

However, not every home is the same.

When choosing a stair climber, the size and fit in the home may be the most important considerations.

Others stair climbers have a wider base than others, and some are taller. Some are exceedingly narrow, and some are even small enough to fit in a closet.

On this list, we’ve selected high-quality alternatives in a variety of sizes to ensure that we can accommodate venues of various sizes.


Most stair climbers can be customized. It can change several variables to meet the needs of whoever is using it.

The most crucial component to control is height; using a machine set for the incorrect height can be ineffective and potentially harmful.

Aside from being able to alter the height of a stair climber, some machines also feature a customizable difficulty level.

The ability to adjust the level of resistance and the incline of the steps is ideal for those looking to further their training or simply enjoy a challenging workout.

We’ve made sure that the options on this list are height-adjustable if the stair climber’s design requires it.

All the options on this list have adjustable resistance, which you can change on the display or by simply increasing the intensity of your movement.


While some items on this list will outlast others, you can rest confident that you are getting the durability for the price you are paying for each climber on this list.

Naturally, if you pay less, the thing will last less, and if you pay more, the item should last longer.

All the items on this list will last long enough to justify your purchase if you take good care of them and keep them sweat-free.

FAQs - Best Stepper Machines

Is it true that small stair steppers work?

Mini steppers are an excellent method to get a good aerobic workout, burn calories, and strengthen your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves.

If you want to lose weight, a tiny stepper is a terrific way to help you burn calories and get closer to your goal.

What is the purpose of a stair climber?

Stair climbers are excellent for growing muscle and increasing cardiovascular fitness.

Climbers will all engage your lower body muscles, but some will also work your upper body and core — especially if the resistance is increased.

The faster you climb, the more cardiac endurance you’ll get from all climbers.

How much room does a stair climber require?

While some of the huge climbers take up as much as 20 square feet on the ground, others take up as little as four square feet.

Regardless of size, these devices will require a significant amount of vertical space–some as much as six feet.

What sort of stair climber is the best?

That entirely depends on your personal objectives. A more typical stair climber is what you’ll want if you want to use it while reading or watching TV.

You’ll need a vertical climber if you want to burn some calories and truly work up a sweat. It is up to you to determine which option is “better” for you.

Is it true that the stepper burns tummy fat?

As a result, as a good cardiovascular exercise, the stair stepper will burn belly fat as part of a calorie-burning routine.

Stair climber workouts also build your core and train your stomach muscles, engaging the muscles beneath your belly fat and helping to keep your tummy toned.

Is it true that stepper machines are effective?

Depending on how they’re used, both machines provide excellent moderate or vigorous physical activity levels.

For folks who don’t want to stress their joints, such as those with arthritis, the stepper machine is a preferable option for a low-impact cardio workout.

Should I use the stair stepper daily?

Daily cardiovascular exercise, such as stair climbing, can aid in the reduction of body fat and the maintenance of a healthy weight.

You must spend an additional 3,500 calories to lose one pound of fat. A 160-pound person can burn roughly 657 calories on the stair machine in one hour.

Each week, you’ll lose more than a pound of fat.

Is a stepper equivalent to walking?

Stair stepping is a great cardiovascular and muscle-strengthening workout.

When you use a stair stepper, your thighs and buttock muscles work harder than when you walk on flat ground. Because of the higher intensity level, a stair stepper can burn more calories than walking.

Why is it so difficult to use the stair stepper?

Working out on the stair climber can challenge if you’re doing it incorrectly.

Our classes provide form cues so you can focus on working out rather than worrying about whether you’re doing it correctly.

Is it true that standing on your toes hurts your knees?

Regular stepper training will provide you with a calorie-burning cardiovascular workout that will help you maintain a healthy weight or reduce excess weight.

This is vital for your knees since excess weight puts stress on your knee joints, which can lead to knee discomfort and other problems.

Final talk - Best Stepper Machines

There are several options available at budget-friendly costs to help you burn calories and meet your fitness objectives, whether you’re searching for a stepper or a climber for home gyms.

Most of these activities are low-impact, making them ideal for people who are concerned about damaging their joints or ligaments.

Stair climbers, unlike many other workout machines, do not fit into a certain category.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with a variety of functions, all based on the basic climbing exercise.

You could feel overwhelmed with alternatives, which range from climbers that double as a treadmill and elliptical to small stair steppers that can fit into practically any room.

Even though most alternatives provide similar cardio and muscle-building advantages, there are a few key differences to consider before making a purchase.

Consider your room, training style, and money first when determining which path you want to go.

Then, while you take your search one step at a time, let this list feed you the hard facts.

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