Beneficial Effects Of Training With The Mini Stepper

The stepper is a useful tool for practicing fitness within the walls of the home, especially for those who have little time available to attend a gym.

 It is one of the best tools for the legs. In fact, simulating the movement of going up and down stairs brings enormous benefits to the body.

The beneficial effects of the Stepper

Increase in cardiovascular and respiratory resistance 

The step is a very suitable tool for increasing cardiovascular and respiratory resistance. Thanks to the cardio stepper 

The relative training will be characterized by a fairly light pace, a training time not exceeding 30 minutes, a fast pace, a good number of repetitions, a heart rate with a training coefficient equal to 0.6, and an exercise of aerobic type and expenditure of fats and glycogen. 

 Increased muscle strength One, 

Another beneficial effect of this ministep consists in 

 increased muscle strength

 training with the step has these specific characteristics: an intermediate weight load, a coefficient for the heart rhythm that is between 0.65 and 0.8, an exercise duration of not less than 15 minutes, and not over 30, anaerobic and anaerobic mechanism used. 

 Burning fat and calories 

The mini step is also an excellent tool for burning calories.
In fact, it is possible to lose weight with the step, since an average prolonged stepper session produces good aerobic activity, also burning fat. 

Therefore the stepper also gives excellent advantages for those who want to reduce abdominal fat, even if in a reduced way compared to that burned for thighs and step for buttocks.

Increase of muscle strength and tone

Increase in muscle strength 

The mini stepper can also increase muscle strength and to do this it is necessary to train with a maximum weight load, carry out the exercise with the ministepper in a fragmented way, with a series at 3-minute intervals one from the other and heart rate established in the coefficient between 0.85 and 0.9.

This type of activity must be anaerobic (in the double meaning of lactacid and alactacid). 

 Increase in muscle tone 

A beneficial effect of the stepper is undoubtedly the increase in tone of both the buttocks, legs and lower abdominals, although to a lesser extent for the latter. To achieve this type of result, continuous use of the Stepper is required. 


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