Air Stair Climber Stepper Exercise Machine [2022 Edition ]

Using the Air Stair Climber Stepper Exercise Machine is another great way to see instant results from your workout.

This model, like the NO. 045, is made of heavy-duty steel and is also long lasting. The footrest is also slip-resistant, which makes it easy to use.

The handlebar is one standout feature that keeps you safe and relaxed when working out. The bars are soft and pleasant to hold.

The twister activity will provide a full-body workout, making this a dependable machine.

You can tone any part of your body with the adjustable stepping height so you can control the environment.

The computerized system shows the calories consumed, check, count, and time, making it simple for most users to track their progress.


  • Price
  • Dimensions
  • Cords


  • Squeaks

Air Stair Climber Stepper  has many steppers on the market like this one. We were able to test it, and we give you our verdict.


Features of the Air Stair Climber Stepper Exercise Machine

With a weight of 7.35 kg and dimensions of 43 x 39 x 22 cm, this stepper offers standard features, and despite the misleading name “lady”, it can be suitable for both men and women alike.

‘It can support a maximum weight of 100 kg. We had already tested an Air Stair Climber Stepper Exercise Machine  .

I offer this stepper with elastic ropes like the Air Stair Climber Stepper Exercise Machine we tested recently or the Air Stair Climber Stepper .

They mainly made it of steel , which makes it possible to have a robust stepper that will resist. 

It is certified to CE standards , which is always a guarantee of quality (note that all the steppers we have tested are certified).

You will also be able to use this stepper with an on-board computer , like most steppers sold on the market. You will follow your training more easily.


Advantages of the Air Stair Climber Stepper Exercise Machine

It is a stepper which has quite reasonable dimensions . This will allow it to be easily stored after use.

 It is therefore ideal for people who do not have a much room at home.

We really appreciate the cords which are also excellent qualities , and which allow you to work your cardio or your muscles more easily. We always recommend buying a stepper with cords, it is much more practical.

The weight of the device allows it to be hastened , and the weight supported is in the norm compared to other steppers. You can easily adjust the resistance of the device.

Its use is really simple , and we really like the quality of the materials. We feel the device is tough, which is very important to me.

What I think of the stepper

Maybe the stepper squeaky early . But nothing terrible. This is also one of the negative points that many other people have noticed when using this stepper. 

To remedy this, I advise you to put a little oil , and voila, you will no longer have to worry about squeaking.

Its price remains very attractive , which makes it even one of the cheapest steppers on the market. If you don’t want to invest too much money in purchasing a stepper, then this is the one for you.

The on-board computer is also efficient and works very well. It’s an entry-level stepper I recommend for beginners who don’t want to invest a lot of money.

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